The Best Options You Can Use For Cooling And Heating Your Tiny House

Not all think the same way when it comes to the construction of their houses. Not all thinking big and while planning for a personal living space, many started thinking small, in fact tiny. If you are new to the concept of tiny homes which is fast becoming popular, it’s a very minimalist and cost-effective approach to building a home. In general terms, tiny homes are those who are between 500 to 1000 square feet size. These homes are ideal for one of two people to live in a very enjoyable way. Not only construction, but you can save big in terms of appliance cost as well as the maintenance costs over time.

No matter what your purpose of choosing a tiny home is, there are plenty of options available now to choose in term of cooling and heating the tiny house interiors. You may stay comfortable year-round in your compact space if you take good care of the air conditioning. Here, let’s have a look at the best way to do condition small home interiors.

Heating a tiny home


Before you plan to heat your tiny home, one may first consider the location of your house and the environmental conditions there. There are tiny houses on wheels too, so you may have to consider the conditions at various locations where you plan to move on.

Many of the traditional systems for heating are very powerful and may cause overheating of your home, so you need to opt for feasible options to maintain the right amount of warmth. Here are some options.

  • Mini splits: They provide both heating as well as cooling in compact spaces. Even though not cheap, mini splits can be the most efficient choice to make.
  • Electric heater: If you have access to electricity, the electric wall heaters or portable units may be an idea.
  • Space heater: You may find some spots colder than others in tiny houses too. Compact space heaters may be ideal in this case.
  • Electric or gas fireplaces: There is compact electric, and gas fireplaces are available now, which is a viable option at limited space compared to conventional wooden fireplaces.

Cooling your tiny house


As like in heating, there are many good options in terms of tiny house cooling also. Let’s have a look at the top choices in cooling.

  • Mini split systems: As we have seen above, these are good in both Tiny House Cooling and Heating based on the changing seasons.
  • Window ACs: Just like you use it for a small room or apartment, adequate capacity window AC can be installed on tiny houses also for cooling.
  • Wall ACs: Mounted on to the wall, these can also be a solid choice like window ACs. However, as they have to be fixed through the fall, the installation may be a big extensive at the outset of a tiny house.
  • Oscillator fans – If you find it difficult or costly to install air conditioning systems, then you can always try out the old school oscillating fans, which may be good enough to cool your limited space in a tiny house. You may think of ceiling fans too if there is a scope.

As seen above, there are various options to consider while thinking of tiny house heating or cooling. Based on your location, budget, size of the house, and the cooling and heating preferences you have, one can choose an appropriate system best serving to these needs.

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