The Best Heaters For Your In-Ground or Above-ground Swimming Pool

The heater in a swimming pool can be essential especially if you plan on using your swimming pool in the winter months or during nights. A heater can help maintain desired temperatures that are essential for a safe, comfortable and relaxing swimming experience.

They are few things in life that are more relaxing than swimming in warm water on a cold winter day. With the right heater, you can experience the joy of this amazing sensation all-year-round feeling refreshed every time you get out of the pool.

A heavy-duty energy-efficient heater enables you to regulate water temperature in the swimming pool relatively quickly to desired levels. It also helps maintain that ideal temperature level for ultimate comfort.

They are many kinds of heaters available in the market so determining the best swimming pool heater for your needs can become a challenging prospect. Before you venture out to buy a heater for your pool here are a few things that you should know about.

Types Of Swimming Pool Heaters

Types Of Swimming Pool Heaters

They are several types of heater available for pools that all have their own unique features and benefits.

Solar Pool Heaters

Solar pool heaters are expensive (between $3000-$4000) but can save you a lot of money in the long-run in the form of electricity bills. Solar heaters that have glazed collectors are more durable and efficient compared to unglazed collectors.

Solar heaters are long-lasting, energy-efficient, inexpensive to maintain, environmentally friendly and can heat up pools generally quickly in sunny and warm climates. Some of the disadvantages of solar pool heaters are the fact they are expensive, the installation is expensive, and the heater only works when in contact with direct sunshine. The units are also bulky and heat slower than other types of heaters.

Gas Pool Heaters

More common than solar pool heaters, gas pool heaters operate on liquid propane or natural gas to heat your swimming pool water. Gas pool heaters that have electric ignition are safer than those that come with a millivolt and pilot function. Millivolts are more susceptible to gas leakages as compared to electric ignition gas pool heaters.

Gas pool heaters are cheap and can quickly heat water regardless of the outside temperature. However, they do have their disadvantages. Gas pool heaters are expensive to operate, require a constant supply of gas, have at best a 5-year lifespan and aren’t exactly environmentally friendly.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are the best all-round alternative for swimming pool heaters. They are less expensive than solar heaters and a lot cheaper to operate as compared to gas pool heaters.

Well-reputed heat pump manufacturers offer models that can last for over 20 years and cost next to nothing to run. Heat pumps are also environmentally friendly as they produce zero gas emissions.

The disadvantage of a heat pump is that they require a 220-volt electric outlet and are less effective in colder climates. They are also expensive to buy and heat water rather slowly.

Things to Consider Before Purchase

When it comes to the selection of a heater for your swimming pool several factors have to be considered before a viable purchase decision can be made. These factors can include a multitude of different things such as customer reviews, supplier credibility, benefits, warranty, features, and affordability.
Things to Consider Before Purchase
Choosing the right swimming pool heater requires a careful assessment of your personal needs and priorities. Internal factors such as the size and shape of your pool and external factors such as climatic conditions all need to be accounted for in order to make the right purchase decision for your pool heating needs.

Size & Shape Of Your Pool

The size of your pool or water volume can greatly affect what pool heater would be most efficient at heating water to desired temperature levels. A small-sized heater in a large pool would be ineffective at aptly heating pool water and also consume a ton of energy during the process.

Heating Power

A Heating system in a swimming pool can be used for maintaining heat as well as increasing or decreasing water temperature as desired.

The more powerful and more expensive heating solutions can quickly heat pool water at a rate of 3-10 degrees per hour depending on the size of your pool. Less powerful pool heaters are generally used to maintain the desired temperature level and can be ineffective at increasing water temperature especially on cooler nights or during winter months.

Safety Features

Always look for heaters with built-in safety systems that can help protect the unit from unforeseen voltage fluctuations and power outages. The best pool heaters come equipped with easy-to-use digital or analog control systems that ensure temperature levels never get to dangerous levels. They also alert users if a malfunction occurs to prevent more serious damage.

Materials Used

Always look for heater made from high-quality materials like bronze and stainless steel. These heaters tend to be more durable and reliable. The more heat resilient the material is the greater is the useful life of a pool heater.

Pool heaters aren’t cheap so always make sure that you invest in quality and refrain from buyer heater of inferior quality that often promises more than they can ever hope to achieve.


Depending on the heater installation costs can vary drastically. However, it is always best to hire a professional to do the installation and wiring of your pool heater to ensure everything is set up the way it should be.


Always review the warranty terms and conditions and compare them with what other manufacturers are offering.

The Best Swimming Pool Heaters

The Best Swimming Pool Heaters
When it comes to best-swimming pool heaters two brands stand-out in terms of value for money and unmatched performance. Pentair and Hayward are two of the most highly reputed manufacturers of swimming pool heaters and offer a series of models designed to accommodate specific heating needs.

Selecting the ideal swimming pool heater can often come down to two factors budget and quality. Hayward and Pentair swimming pool heaters are designed and built to last for over 20 years without requiring much in terms of maintenance and upkeep. This means you end up saving in the long-run and save yourself from a lot of potential headaches.

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