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The Best Cleaning Products to Use While Cleaning Your Home

Cleaning may not be your most favorite chore ever, but with a set of the right tools, it can become not only bearable, but also fairly enjoyable. Buying top quality cleaning products helps set our minds to cleaning and ensure sparkling results without any elbow grease involved. Here is the list of the best cleaning products according to the Manhattan home cleaning company that has tried many brands and products and is ready to share their favorites. For your convenience, we have categorized them by home area and purpose. 



When the dinner is great, but the aftermath is frightening, you need a powerful degreaser to deal with grease and daily food mess on counters, tables, and stovetop. It would be better if your degreasing product also had antibacterial properties. Method Antibacterial Spray is just like this. It is natural, merciless to dirt, bacteria, and grease, and you will love it for its fantastic scent.

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Dish soap

The best dish soap must be made of natural ingredients, be mild on hands, and not smell like a rotten lemon. If you don’t like doing dishes, Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Washing-Up Liquid will make you change your mind very fast and fall in love with its gorgeous scent of essential oils.

Oven cleaner

The look of a messy oven covered with baked-on food from top to bottom can discourage even a cleaning freak. However, with a powerful oven cleaner, even tough baked-on dirt will come off effortlessly. In our New York cleaning services company, we have tried different brands, but Easy-Off Professional Fume Free Max Oven Cleaner remains our fave. Application is simple: spray, leave for half an hour, and wipe down with a paper towel. 


Shower cleaner

Not only do soap scum and watermarks look disgusting, but also they can be difficult to clean if they stay for a long time. The right shower spray, such as, for example, all-natural Method Shower Cleaner Spray works on wet surfaces, easily dissolving scum and watermarks on shower glass doors and tiles, leaving them sparkling clean. 

Toilet cleaner 

We all like to have a clean and fresh-smelling toilet bowl, but the smell of bleach makes the cleaning process obnoxious. Dirtbusters Toiler Cleaner was developed specially for cleaning professionals who want to cut the amount of chemicals in their cleaning kits. Its bleach-free though powerful phosphoric acid formula easily dissolves biological mess, leaving a wonderful ocean-inspired scent.  


Multipurpose cleaner

Our homes consist of dozens of versatile surfaces. Sometimes it is not reasonable to buy a special cleaner for each kind of surface, especially if you can cut corners with these fantastic multi-surface cleaners, which come in so many overwhelming scents: 

  • Natural Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner (natural; has flowery, lavender, and basil scents).
  • Method Multi-Surface Concentrate (can also be diluted for making a spray and comes in four scents).
  • Dr Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap (comes in a wide range of scents; can cope with dirty dishes, laundry, and floors, but ensure you dilute it properly for each purpose). 

Mold/mildew cleaner

Mold happens, and every house must have a solution for it. The internet is full of cheap-and-proven methods for mold removal, but if you want to avoid elbow-grease and stay on the safe, non-toxic side, opt for Astonish Mould & Mildew Blaster. This product does not require scrubbing and dissolves mold in a blink.

Hand duster

Not all hand dusters work the same. Some of them only create a visibility of cleaning by transferring dust from surfaces into the air. However, professionals from the reputable cleaning service in New York use tools that not imitate cleaning but effectively trap dust, leaving surfaces and air clean. OXO Microfiber Hand Duster is among our faves. After dusting, wash its removable microfiber part in a washing machine or wash by hand in a lukewarm water. 


When it comes to collecting water drops and shower cleaning, a squeegee is known for being super helpful. But do you know it also easily removes pet hair from couches, floors, and carpets? However, since you will not use the same squeegee for both tasks, we recommend buying a separate one for cleaning after your pets. FURemover Broom has a telescopic handle that extends to up to five feet, making cleaning an easy task.

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Disinfecting wipes

Busy people with hectic lifestyles love Clorox Disinfecting Wipes for their durability, ease of use, bleach-free formula, and multipurposefulness. When you need to do a small disinfecting in your house (they prove too expensive for extensive disinfecting of large areas), just grab a wipe, clean, and toss. They can be used on all non-porous surfaces, but use with caution on quartz counters.   

Disinfecting spray

For deep cleaning your home (which includes disinfection), you need a product that is easy to use, affordable, multi-surface, and not loaded with chemicals. Ocean Saver Anti-Bac Eco Drop is a perfect solution for eco-conscious people looking for reliable disinfection and less plastic use in their households. Just drop “a drop” into an empty spray bottle, add 750 ml cold water, and shake. The spray is ready when the “drop” is completely dissolved.

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