The Best Blinds for Privacy


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Best Blinds for Privacy

When looking for blinds to install at homes or offices, we look for the best type to provide style, privacy, and functionality. If your house is on the main road or can be overlooked by neighbours, you may consider installing blinds in your windows if you feel uncomfortable because of eyes prying outside your home.

There are different types of blinds which also provide different levels of privacy. Because these are made with other materials, they also have different opacity levels. Some blinds can provide privacy at home during the night. But, lights from the inside can still be seen from the outside. Some blinds are made with thicker materials for total privacy.

If you are planning to install blinds but are unsure which type to get, here are the best ones that can cover both style and functionality.

Blackout Blinds for 100% Privacy

If you need privacy not just from prying eyes but also to block daylight, installing blackout blinds is the best option. These are the best window treatments to block the lights outside and inside. These blinds are designed with an extra layer of fabric through which lights cannot pass.

When blackout blinds are used in the bedroom, sleep quality can improve. It is also recommended for windows that face the street. You can choose whether to install blackout roman, roller, or vertical blinds.

Venetian Blinds

If you want to have curtain-type blinds, you can choose Venetian blinds. Compared to blackout blinds, Venetian blinds can still give you natural lighting inside the room. These have holes in their slat design where the cords run through. For those who do not want to have natural lights inside, there are Venetian blinds that do not have holes in their slat designs.

You can choose between Venetian blinds with ladder tapes or with lift cords. If Venetian blinds with ladder tapes are closed, it will have a barrier where light cannot pass through. You can cover the entire window with Venetian blinds, but from their lift cords, light may enter the room through the slats.

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Roman Blinds

These blinds are made with fully-lined thick material to give you privacy once the blinds are closed. Its extra linings are good in blocking sunlight and provide additional shading inside the room. The extra shadings also provide added beauty to the home’s interior.

During the nighttime, you may close the roman blinds for privacy and can still indicate that the lights are on inside the room. These blinds are very efficient if you want privacy inside but still have a soft shade of light coming through the room.

Vertical Blinds

These blinds are designed with slats that can be tilted slightly to make them not fully closed.

Vertical blinds are the most cost-effective and versatile solution for window treatments. It also has different colours and patterns to match the home’s interiors. Because of its wide design options, you can choose which style you want to complement your room’s aesthetics.

However, vertical blinds do not completely blackout the room, even if these are fully closed.

Plantation Shutters

Usually, plantation shutters are made of wood, faux wood, PVC, or mirrors. These are designed to look like small doors and block light completely when closed. Among all the types of blinds, plantation shutters are the cheapest solution for your privacy needs.

Vision Blinds

Also called day and night blinds, alternate stripes of opaque and sheer material can be installed if you need privacy but still want natural light to enter the room. Vision blinds have a simple design that comes in neutral colours, which can make your window treatments look modern.


Traditionally, shutters are available in countries with warm weather because they can reflect the heat. Because this makes the home interiors chic, it became one of the choices of homeowners that want to control the light coming inside but still get the privacy they need.

Because these blinds can give different levels of privacy, you must choose which one can fulfill your privacy needs. If you need to have a quality sleep, install blackout blinds. However, if you still want natural light inside, there are different types, such as shutters, vision blinds, and Venetian blinds. All of these come in different styles to match your home interiors.

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