The Benefits of Bi Folding Doors for Your Home


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For that all-important indoor-outdoor flow, to allow easy traffic between your home and the outside space, and to bring the outdoors, indoors, 24/7, a bifold door is the answer.

If you are wanting to add a contemporary touch to your new build or renovation, bifold doors are the perfect addition. They are the easiest way to bring the outdoors inside without compromising on style, space, or lifestyle. Whether you’re adding on from the kitchen to create an entertaining area, from the living area to provide a huge extra play area for the kids, or from the bedroom to create space and bring your garden to your bed, there are some amazing benefits.

1. Let the light in

Sunlight is important. It turns dark spaces into welcoming ones, it transforms cool, airless rooms into warm, inviting and spacious areas, and the sun simply makes you feel good. Whether your bifold doors are open or closed, they let the light explode into the room, giving each space life and brightness.

2. Live outside, even when you’re inside

With bifold doors, there are no barriers between you and the outdoors, even with the doors closed. You don’t need to be outside to have that sense of freedom and life; be indoors while enjoying your garden (or, trying to avoid looking at the weeds you should really do something about).

This gives an added advantage of making your home’s interior seem bigger. More light, less barriers between you and outside, mean that a previously small room is now the size of your entire backyard.

3. Economic with space

When you open your bifold doors, they fold right back. You can choose if you want them folding inside or outside, but either way, they take up very little room. There’s no change to your home’s flow, the kids can still run in and out, the adults can wander more sedately, but there’s no impinging on your style. Unlike sliding doors which only open halfway, the whole area opens. The wall disappears.

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4. Flexibility of options

Bifold doors can be made into almost any size and installed in almost any situation you want. The width is as needed, you can customise where the leaves split, and make them work for your home. Have them open outside if your room is small and have an access door installed so you don’t need to open the entire wall to enter the room. Make it your way.

You can install bifold doors internally too. This means that you can close off areas when not in use, or open up when you’re entertaining. Good quality bifold doors have good soundproofing too, so you can have the TV on in one room and be chatting in the other. You can install blinds on the windows for privacy, or leave them as plain glass and let the light in.

Once they are in, they are seamless in operation. Their superior running systems means no sticking or need to push hard to open. Once open, they can be locked in place so that children can’t injure themselves or get little fingers trapped between the leaves.

5. High levels of security

Bifold doors secure at multiple locations. Their multi-point locking systems, high-security hinges, and internally beaded frames make them incredibly secure. While traditional glass doors such as French doors have one locking point where the doors meet, bifold doors take your security to the next level. Added to this, the doors are often double glazed, making them difficult to break into.

6. Low maintenance

While a wash down with soapy water every six months is advised, there’s no other maintenance requirements. There’s no greasing of tracks or hinges, just a gentle wash to remove cobwebs, dirt, and give you sparkling, spotless windows.

With low maintenance, comes longevity. Bifold doors are highly durable and will keep on working perfectly for a long time.

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7. Aesthetically pleasing

Bifold doors give your home a modern, stylish look. They add a touch of luxury, and make any house showroom-ready. There are hundreds of different finishes and styles too, so you can choose what you want to look like—and if you can’t find a colour you like, for an extra cost, powder coating means you can exact match anything you wish. 

Have them blend in with your home, or make them a bold statement—it’s up to you.

8. Bring the views in, keep the weather out

Because of the large expanse of glass, some people worry that the room will overheat in summer and be too cold in winter. However, the modern glass bifold doors are usually double (or triple) glazed, so they are good insulators. As well as being snug-fitting and weather-tight, bifold doors are also efficient for keeping your home warm in winter but cool in summer. You can admire the snow from a safe, warm, distance.

9. Add value to your home with beautiful bi-folding doors

With that extra functionality, space, and style, bifold doors add value to your life, and the value of your home. People love the lifestyle that bifold doors provide, with an extension to your living spaces and a fresh, modern feel to the room. Bifold doors are not just a great idea, but a good investment.

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