Alternate Uses for Vinyl Equestrian Fencing


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Many may think that “Equestrian Fencing” is exclusively for containing and managing horses. However, that is far from the truth. Just like any fencing, the equestrian style, commonly known as “post and rail fencing” is extremely versatile and can be adapted for just about any need. And, with new vinyl materials available, today’s equestrian fencing doesn’t suffer the same heavy maintenance costs as traditional wood fencing.

Equestrian Fencing for Barrier Signaling

The look of equestrian fencing is distinctive. If you are looking to install fencing around your property that has a farmhouse or country look, vinyl equestrian fencing is a fantastic choice. 

Even if there is nothing you are trying to keep contained inside the fence, this stylish look signals that what’s behind it is private property without feeling intimidating. 

The style of the fencing harkens back over a century to its functional, agricultural origins. Large rural properties or estates looking for simple barriers around their properties used them to keep livestock from wandering and mark their property boundaries. Today, large properties can benefit from this style of fencing such as estates, camps, parks, and much more. 

Even better, vinyl fencing is virtually maintenance-free, unlike its wooden predecessor, which suffered from ground-level rot and broken rail tenons. Aside from standard wear-and-tear, you are very unlikely to ever need to repair this sturdy, economical fencing option.

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Decorative Equestrian Fencing

This style of fencing is not only functional but can add a classic look to any property. From country clubs, to vineyards, to remote vacation destinations — vinyl equestrian fencing can provide decorative flair for a variety of property types. If your property has a long frontage along the road, this style is the perfect choice for adding distinction — helping your land stand out from the areas around it. Long, winding driveways benefit from equestrian fencing, creating a stand-out border welcomes guests and allows for unobstructed views of the landscape. 

Fencing isn’t just functional; it is a permanent aesthetic investment in your property. Opting for cheap fencing or fencing that doesn’t suit the aesthetic of your property can be costly. Often, fencing is one of the first things a potential visitor or guest would see on your property. You want to send the right message.

Landscaping with Equestrian Fencing

Have a garden or a landscaping feature that needs a modest, but stylish barrier? Post-and-rail style fencing adds a distinctive look to any suburban or rural landscaping project. This deviates from the original purpose of containing horses to purely aesthetic. For these projects considering hiring a professional gardener and/or landscaper along with the fencing professionals.

Consider a flower bed or patch of native greenery surrounding the fence. Or adding this post-and-rail style fence to an existing landscape or exterior feature can add visual interest.

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Vinyl Equestrian Fencing for Other Livestock or Animals

Horses aren’t the only animals that need to be contained in an enclosure. Whether you have livestock like cows, sheep, or goats that need to be contained or a common companion animal like dogs—equestrian fencing can provide a low-maintenance, aesthetically pleasing solution.

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In our operating area of Eastern Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, and Southwestern New York State there are numerous areas between the cities of Columbus, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Erie, and Buffalo which equestrian fencing would be a perfect aesthetic choice. Washington, Greene, Fayette and Westmoreland Counties to the South of Pittsburgh and Beaver, Butler, Lawrence, Mercer, and Crawford Counties between Erie and Pittsburgh have expansive, rolling hills of rural farmland. 

And along the stretch of 1-70 and I-76 highway there are many cities in Ohio like Zanesville, Steubenville, Poland, Salem, and Alliance featuring rural and suburban properties and numerous popular outdoor attractions. Along Lake Erie from Buffalo to Erie to Cleveland equestrian fencing can add a stately and classic touch to outdoor properties. 

And the suburban areas of any of the many cities in-between can enjoy the stately, classic flare that post-and-rail fencing brings to their landscaping projects.

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