The Barber Chair Selection Guide


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The most important thing in a salon is a barber chair. If the selection of a barber chair is not apt, it leads to discomfort for the customers. The right chair is very important to provide the right comfort and relaxation to the customer. It not only keeps them satisfied but also eases the job of the hairdresser. The question that arises here is how to choose the right one and what to pay attention to. Here are some points to make it easier for you.

Size: The first point to consider is the size. Your choice should solely depend on the size of your salon. If the size of your salon is small, always go for a small-sized chair. A large one will limit the working space available. It will also make the space look even tinier and compact. 

Technical Specifications: Height adjustment is one important factor, which is preferred with a hydraulic system. This allows the client to sit comfortably without having to adjust the posture. Hair-dressing is a tough job and needs long standing hours. If one has to stand with their back bent, they will most likely develop back-related issues.  If the chair is rotatable, the job becomes even more convenient. Locking into different positions is also important. 

Base: The base of the chair is supposed to provide stability. The base should be heavy and preferably be either square or circle-shaped. Cleaning can be a task too. So, the material of the base should be smooth and washable to allow easy cleaning.

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Arm-Rests And Foot Support: These little details will matter in enhancing the client’s experience in the salon. There should be arm-rests for people to rest their arms while they enjoy their grooming session. Foot supports should never be missed too. They provide additional ease to the person sitting on the chair. 

Look: A vintage barber chair never goes out of style. People are always attracted to the look and comfort of antique barber chairs. So, these can always be a good addition to your space. 

Test Before You Buy: You can never buy a chair by just looking at it and without conducting a thorough search. You should always sit on it and test it for comfort. Buy one only when you are 100% satisfied. If you have complaints, so will your customers.

Material: The fine details play a major role in maintaining overall hygiene and cleanliness. For example, a PVC or a leather-covered chair will be easier to wipe and clean. It will also be long-lasting and will not absorb dust and dirt. 

It becomes easier to select the correct model if you pay attention to the above mentioned points. We have every type and style of barber chairs for sale to suit your taste. We are very specific with the technical details as well. We have got you covered when it comes to the look as well as the comfort part. We have a chair that will help you suit your business target group and keep your clients satisfied. 

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