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Are you thinking of renovating? Then you can’t miss this special article with 8 tips that will make your home renovation go more smoothly! When it comes to home improvement, it is common to note that people associate this activity with stress — even if they start out excited. However, renovation doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

For the work to go well, it is necessary to plan everything carefully. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to help you understand all the aspects that cannot be ignored during home renovation. 

1. Define the goal of residential renovation

There are many reasons to renovate a property, for example: increasing its sale value, expanding it, correcting structural flaws, changing the architecture, etc. Therefore, the first step is to create a renovation project. The second step is to follow it to the letter. The biggest cause of stress during real estate renovation occurs when the resident is faced with unforeseen circumstances. When the planning carried out is respected, the chances of occurrences are considerably reduced.

2. Set a budget ceiling

If you follow the news, you must have already seen reports about overpriced works, right? When reporters analyze these works, they realize that a construction may have cost the taxpayer much more than it should have.

However, corruption is not always the cause of the increased cost of building renovation. Sometimes, the person responsible for the reform does not have good sense when using the stipulated resources.

Therefore, even if you are planning small repairs , be sure to research the price of the materials that will be used, as well as the cost of labor. This way, you will hire the best remodeling company and you will be able to do a much more complete job, as you will use its resources intelligently.

3. Discover the news

Residential renovation is a great opportunity to modernize your property. So, if you are renovating an old house, be sure to talk to a professional and ask them about what can be modernized in the property.

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The real estate market has presented interesting solutions in wall cladding, for example. The drywall walls provide thermal insulation and are easy to install. This can be a solution for someone who is tired of living in a cold house.

However, there are possibilities for improvement in all aspects of a property. The models of doors and windows, for example, have changed a lot in the last decades, haven’t they? Therefore, consider carefully the option of updating your home.

4. Create a schedule

Electrical maintenance, maintenance electrician, electrical maintenance frequency, This is the simplest and safest way to accompany a residential renovation. Time passes very quickly, so it’s easy to waste it when we don’t monitor the progress of activities.

Everything must go on schedule, from the deadline for researching the price of materials to the delivery of the renovation. A tip to speed up this process is to break projects down into small tasks. For example, buying finishing material can be divided into:

  • list the building material stores that deliver in the neighborhood;
  • visit these stores and search for prices;
  • talk to the seller and check payment terms;
  • check the best date for delivery of the products.

In this way, the buyer guarantees that they will make the best possible purchase and get rid of unforeseen events, such as having to be late for work to receive delivery. Apply this technique to every action that requires more than one task to be performed.

5. Do not center the work around you

Depending on the size of the work, it is important to delegate tasks. This prevents professionals from standing still, waiting for instructions from the owner. Remember that you must understand what’s going on in your home, know the value of everything, but you also need to trust people’s work.

An uncompromising owner extrapolates the natural role of a customer. This occurs when the contractor’s knowledge and experience is completely ignored, causing delays in the progress of the work and wear and tear between the parties.

Alongside this, remember that a reform affects the lives of all residents, so no one should be excluded from a consultation and no opinion should be ignored. By following these advices, you won’t have fights during the work.

6. Assess the possibility of moving during retirement

Although rent represents a burden on the renovation budget, it is preferable to spend a little to gain quality of life. Some renovations generate large amounts of dust, damaging furniture and appliances, in addition to harming the health of people who have respiratory problems.

Therefore, include in your renovation project the costs of an eventual rental, in addition to hiring a moving team.

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7. Prioritize infrastructure repairs

This type of maintenance helps in the security of the property, in addition to contributing to its appreciation. Therefore, in a residential renovation you should prioritize electrical , hydraulic and structural reinforcement maintenance .

Furthermore, this care avoids wasting materials and labor. Imagine realizing that the property’s plumbing is not in good condition at the completion stage of the renovation?

It would be necessary to break down walls and search for pipes and connections. In this case, everything that had already been spent on paint, plaster, among others, would be thrown away. As absurd as this type of situation seems, believe me, it is very common.

8. Don’t do it all at once

The importance of the schedule is again present. It is common for homeowners to want to complete the home renovation as quickly as possible..

The problem is that, sometimes, a professional can only start working when the other finishes his task. With this, the work is more expensive, as days of work that were not used will be paid.

Now, if you’re thinking about changing the look of your property without major mobilizations, we’ve separated some tips for small renovations that make a difference in your property’s appreciation! These are simple and inexpensive tips that change the environment a lot.

These small renovations can make a big difference to your home and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your home comfortable and beautiful. Cheap renovations like a new paint job, changing the bathroom, changing windows or changing the lighting already change the look of the home a lot.

In addition to taking care of your property and preserving its structure, small renovations greatly enhance the property’s value, making it a differential both for those who want to sell or rent it and for those who are looking for a new home.

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