Desert Plants You Need to Purchase for Your Landscaping


Fox Tail Agave

Owning a home in a desert climate can be fantastic for so many reasons.  Summers may be hot, but they’re far more bearable without the humidity of the south, and although winters can get cold, you don’t end up with as much snow and mess as the northern states.  

Unfortunately, landscaping is where things get a little confusing.

If you’re not used to desert plants and want to help your yard look beautiful without having to spend a fortune on water bills: here’s how to do it!

Why Aim for Desert Plants

Although many houses for rent in Phoenix-like to show off full lawns that are green with grass and overwatering: this isn’t the norm for most properties out here.  Rock lawns, and desert lawns, are far more eco-friendly since they don’t waste water and have more flexibility for what you can do with your yard.  On top of this, desert landscaping is also far less maintenance since you don’t have to water your lawn every day or mow every week.

Curve Leaf Yucca

Curve Leaf Yucca

Yucca is well known in every desert city for its spiky leaves and fun look.  These plants come in dozens of different species and leaf shapes, which is why the curve leaf yucca is one of the most interesting.  Offering a different look, these yuccas are almost whimsical and can make your lawn look more fun and interesting.

Fox Tail Agave

This funky little plant is a great way to mix up the layout of your lawn without having to worry about taking up too much space.  They’re called foxtails because of a fun fluffy branch that comes out in summer to spread seeds, but generally, they’re low profile and rather small.  These would be fantastic for lining a walk up to your front door.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is fantastic for any desert landscaping because it can be either tiny and compact or grow large over time.  These plants are known to be fickle in some environments, but if you can care for them well and ensure their soil is healthy and drains easily: they’re a great choice for you.  Best of all, if you ever get a sunburn, you can break off a leaf and apply some aloe directly to the burn!

Century Plant

Century Plant

Often confused with aloe vera, century plants are large and beautiful plants with broad flat leaves.  They grow quickly and large and have a habit of taking over whatever piece of ground you put them in.  Although they’re great for a statement piece, try to avoid growing more than two in your lawn since they can quickly overpower your scenery.  They need minimal water and can last for hundreds of years.

How To Care For These

Every plant is different, so before you put it on your lawn, research to ensure that you can offer it everything that it needs to thrive.  Most of these plants don’t need much water and want to be in easily draining soil or rock mix.  If you’re worried about them lasting well in your lawn, look into whether others have been able to grow them successfully in your area!

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