The 5 Considerations to Keep in Mind When Selecting Parliament Hinges

Do I need parliament hinges for my door installations? How do I choose the right one? Well, first, it’s important to note that these hinges are used to provide the best projection. This allows the door to swing back or shutter perfectly against the wall. Now, when it comes to selecting these hinges, you’ll often have to make a tonne of decisions to get the right one.

To save you from this ordeal, we are here to give you some brilliant and straightforward guidelines. Have a look!

Learn How To Choose The Right Size

You must take note of the door size before you go hinge shopping. This will help you to select the best fitting parliament hinge and prevent you from making unnecessary future adjustments. While other door hinges need to be smaller than their corresponding door width, the situation is different with parliament hinges.

These installation devices should be broader than the door. After all, their main aim is to swing completely open and remain flat against any wall.

Picking Out The Right Finish

Once you’ve settled on your door furniture and handles, look for a well-finished parliament hinge to match your door design. To do so, you’ll have to buy the hinges of the same brand as your door hardware. Why so? Well, we’ve found that what one company defines as an ‘antique brass’ finish is not always the same in another.

Therefore, always try to coordinate them as much as you can. An alternative option is to pick out an entirely different finish like black just to give you a bold appearance which won’t be evident if mismatched.

Is It Strong Enough?

parliament hinge

This is another crucial factor to consider before selecting a parliament hinge. If you want a hinge that connects a rather heavy door, then it should be of a robust material. The best examples are the heavy-duty parliament hinges created mainly for high-stress or heavy applications. They are of thick stainless steel material which offers superior strength, unlike other door hinges.

The Environment

What kind of an environment will the parliament hinge be applied in? If you’re installing it in humid or outdoor environments, then go for the one that’s resistant to rust. Today, this is quite easy as most of these devices are made from top-quality stainless steel materials. They don’t ‘give in’ to rust when applied in wet or humid conditions.

Consider The Fastener Holes

How many fastener holes do you want in your parliament hinge? Usually, there are at least 4 fastener holes which work best in a good number of applications. Using them, you can carefully drive your screws through each of these holes as you install the hinge. We have also found other parliament hinges to have almost 12 fastener holes. This gives you the chance to create a more secure and robust connection with your door.


With the above tips, you’ll have no problem when it comes to finding a suitable parliament hinge. Also, remember that these techniques have been tried and tested by different homeowners, proving that they are not only practical but also reliable. Follow them carefully, and you’ll have an easy time in purchase and installation. Good luck!

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