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The 4 Essential Tools to Have at Home

We have all seen our parents and grandparents pulling out that famous toolbox for every little job around the house. Do you need a hammer, saw, or screwdriver? DIY tasks can be carried out quickly with so many good tools. Here are 5 home essentials you should have before buying big appliances.

For proper work, you must first think about safety by equipping yourself with goggles, gloves, a mask, and a stable ladder. The following essentials should always be kept in a cupboard: a drill/screwdriver kit, scissors, ruler, spirit level, a box of different nails and screws, circular saw, sander with different sandpaper. Painting materials (tapes, brushes, squeegees) are always at the ready for me.

Next I will highlight a few important tools.

  1. A drill/screwdriver kit

In a kit like this, with about 60 hand tools and accessories, you will be able to accomplish a lot. Apart from the essential tape measure and hammer (everyone needs a hammer!) there is also a variety of pliers and screwdrivers with bits included in the kit. As a “must-have” for small jobs such as mounting shelves, installing curtain rods, and assembling furniture, drill/screwdriver/screwdriver combo sets are becoming faster and faster popular.

In the following weeks, we will return to our homes and apartments for a few weeks. There are a lot of us who get down to DIY when we are bored or have free time on our hands. Will you fix a bookshelf, assemble a piece of furniture or give it a makeover? Assemble a new piece of furniture? The following tools will be needed: a tape measure, a level, a saw, a glue gun, and a screwdriver or pliers. 

  1. spirit level

Directly on the floor, without human intervention at all

Tools 1

  1. A sander + sandpaper

We have used our little square sander a lot over the years and I think it is one of the most useful tools we have. Among my past experiences, I have sanded table tops, disassembled a flat mirror tower, removed stubborn coats of varnish, etc. There is also a round version of these small hand sanders available on the market. It is up to each individual to decide what is best for them. When it comes to sandpaper, remember that the lower the number (50-60), the coarser the grit and therefore the more abrasive the paper will be. A finer sanding paper is one with a higher number (180 and above) than one with a lower number.

If you do not plan to use the sander very often, opt for a small sanding block.

  1. A circular saw

Circular saws

require some do-it-yourself knowledge to operate them properly. Woodworkers rely heavily on circular saws for cutting. In terms of weight and size, the Hychika compact circular saws fall under the weight and size category. As it is powered by Li-ion batteries, it is ideal for use with thin workpieces or if you have power issues.

In addition to steel, concrete, tile, and PVC, it can also be used on wood. With the right saw blade, you can cut through any of these materials with ease. 

You may want to get more tools depending on your DIY skills and your level of experience. 

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