The 10 Different Types of Cranes Commonly Found at Construction Sites

Across the UK, the number of tower cranes is increasing.

A crane is a common sight if you drive by road work, building construction, or anything that requires getting to the top of a building. Far from the expected downturn, many cities are expanding, and cranes continue to be key players in new construction.

There are many types of cranes, and they have become a symbol of engineering and skyscrapers. No matter how tall the building or how large the job is, there is a crane out there designed to do it. Cranes have been in use since the days of the ancient Greeks in one form or another.

Types of Cranes

Cranes are used based on what the job needs. Whether it’s inside a facility that builds large equipment or ships, to construction sites around the world. Cranes come in all shapes and sizes, and the types of crane you see depend a lot on where you live and what is being built around you.

Fixed and mobile are the two basic types of cranes. A fixed crane is one that is built on-site and then removed when construction concludes. A mobile crane is one that can be moved, or moves, from location to location. You must also know about portable carpet cleaner.
Types of Cranes

Here are the ten most common cranes you will see on construction sites.

1. Tower Crane

Tower cranes help with the construction of tall buildings and monuments. They are massive cranes anchored to concrete. These cranes can stand hundreds of feet tall and lift thousands of pounds into the air.

2. Hammerhead Crane

A hammerhead crane is a massive object that can be seen from a long way off. They’re used in heavy construction and are built to operate on the construction site that needs them. These cranes have to be taken apart. They’re called hammerheads because the beam that sits on top of the tower resembles a hammerhead shark.

These cranes can move their trolley back and forth to accomplish their job better. These are fixed cranes, and they’re common in larger cities and urban areas.

3. Vehicle Mounted Cranes

You see these types of cranes more often around road construction and smaller jobs. They can be more easily moved from job to job, and many companies use them for their convenience. A vehicle-mounted crane is what many people think of when they say “crane.”
Vehicle Mounted Cranes

4. Truck Mounted Crane

A truck-mounted crane differs form a vehicle-mounted crane in that it is only one part of the truck. The boom on a truck-mounted crane is smaller than most other types of crane. They are used for light jobs and can drive down the highway to the next job site without any problem.

A truck mounted crane is also able to help remove equipment and loads from the truck upon which it is mounted. This can make a truck-mounted crane an extremely convenient piece of equipment on any job site.

5. Rough Terrain Crane

If you live in the mountains or a place where a lot of wilderness improvement is going on, you have seen rough terrain cranes. They have large tires and are four-wheel drive cranes designed to negotiate the specific challenges of rough terrain.

Loose soil, gravel, or steep slopes are no problem for the Rough Terrain Crane. They are at home in nearly any environment and don’t need built-up roads and other infrastructure to operate.

6. Floating Crane

If you live on the coast, you have probably seen floating cranes. These cranes are often used when bridges are built or repaired. They look like a barge that has a crane sitting on top of it, because that is basically what they are.

Floating cranes are also used when offshore construction is being done. No matter what the job is, the floating crane remains one of the most recognizable cranes in use today.

7. Telescoping Cranes

Telescoping Cranes
A telescoping crane can come in many forms. These cranes are called telescoping because their boom can extend and retract. They are often used to place trusses and other more delicate operations that require additional precision and control.

Telescoping cranes are very popular but don’t often get as large as some other types of cranes. The larger models rely on outriggers as the shifting weight of the load can unbalance the crane if you aren’t careful.

8. Railroad Crane

These cranes are often quite large, and they move down railroad tracks. For applications near tracks, these cranes are very popular because they are stable and can hoist massive loads. Railroad cranes resemble a standard crane in most ways and can be telescopic or not.

9. Crawler Crane

A crawler crane operates on tracks instead of using large wheels. This makes them very stable and easier to balance. Crawler cranes come in a variety of sizes designed to better accommodate the work they are helping with.

Crawler cranes can go almost everywhere that a rough terrain crane can go. The only thing that prevents them from going everywhere is that their weight makes it difficult to operate in some soil and ground types.

10. Aerial Crane

The most specialized crane on this list, an aerial crane, is also called a sky crane. These cranes look like helicopters but are in fact cranes used to deliver materials and heavy objects to difficult to reach places. These are rarer than the other cranes on this list but have been extremely useful in expanding construction efforts around the globe.
Aerial Crane

If You Need a Crane

If you need a crane, this crane hire service can help. Getting the right crane for your job site is imperative to a successful construction operation. The crane that works best for you is the one that fits all the requirements you have.

Cranes Are Everywhere

Since the industrial revolution, cranes have been helping to reshape the skylines of cities and towns all over the world. Counting the types of cranes being used can even tell you the condition of the construction industry. More cranes mean that more business is being done.

We hope this article proved useful in understanding the different types of cranes. Before you go, please take a moment to browse the site for other great reads.

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