Tampines EC Near to Tampines Town Interchange and Tampines MRT Station


Tampines EC Near to Tampines Town Interchange and Tampines MRT Station

The residential areas in Tampines EC are close to Downtown and the Central Business District. It is a  popular residential location due to its proximity to shopping malls and entertainment. Residents can enjoy  excellent views of the city, as well as modern and functional spaces. The area is also convenient for working  adults, as it has many schools located nearby. If you’re planning to raise a family, you’ll be pleased to know  that Tampines EC offers a variety of amenities.  

Tampines EC location is also very convenient as it is located near to Tampines Town Interchange. There are  several new improvements being made to the Tampines Town Interchange (TBI) in Singapore. The new TBI  will include increased connectivity, priority queues for the disabled and other amenities. Earlier this year, a  car broke down near TBI, resulting in major traffic congestion. Buses leaving the TBI were trapped for up to  an hour. Poor timing of traffic lights have caused similar incidents, but they have been resolved quickly and  the road is open for business.  

The Tampines EC master plan proposes to develop several neighbourhood parks in the next few years.  These parks will provide a great place for families to spend time outdoors. They will also provide much needed green space that will reduce urban heat. The new multi-purpose hall is another attraction of the EC,  as it will be a great place for families and community members to gather, socialise, and hold events.  

Tampines EC is situated near the Tampines MRT station. The Tampines EC is an extremely sought-after  location in the east. The area is near a number of shopping centers and has plenty of amenities. It is located  near Tampines Round Market and Food Center, which are both excellent places to shop and enjoy a day out.  It is also close to the Changi Airport, which makes it an ideal location for families.  

There will also be a new multi-purpose hall in Tampines EC. This will provide a space for community  functions and encourage learning. A good public transport system is important in a growing city, and this  new facility will make it easy for residents to commute to work, school, or other locations. The Tampines  EC master plan will include a number of parks and other public amenities. The new amenities will be  located in close proximity to major retail and entertainment hubs.  


The development of Tampines EC will also feature new neighbourhood parks. This will help create more  green spaces in the city and reduce the heat that accompanies urban living. Furthermore, the project will  include a multi-purpose hall that will encourage learning and serve as a convenient place for community  functions. This will benefit both the residents and developers, as they’ll be able to enjoy a greater level of  quality living.  

The new Tampines EC master plan also proposes a new neighbourhood park for each neighbourhood. The  development will be located close to the town centre, which will enable residents to schedule a walking time  to school and other destinations. By living in this neighbourhood, you can avoid the traffic jams and queues,  and instead enjoy the beauty of Tampines EC. The town centre will be accessible in a car, making it easy for  people to commute to work.  

Tampines EC residents will also benefit from the Tampines Regional Centre. The development of the  Tampines Regional Centre will increase its population and its commercial activity. In 2015, it was divided  into four Group Representation Constituencies: central Tampines, eastern coast, Simei subregion, and Pasir  Ris-Punggol. The People’s Action Party and Heng Swee Keat were the winning parties in Tampines. The  development of the regional centre will add more than 2,500 jobs to the region.  

The construction of the Tampines Future Integrated Transport Hub will add bus services to the area and  improve connectivity for residents. The redevelopment of Tampines Bus Interchange, which is connected to  the existing interchange by a 250m-long sheltered pathway, has been met with a mixed reaction from  commuters. The new interchange will feature a third entrance, bicycle racks, and additional infrastructure.  Those who live in the vicinity of the proposed hub will enjoy easier access to the new Tampines bus service. 

Tampines EC residents will also be delighted that the new EC is located near to Courts. The revamped  courts Megastore Tampines is scheduled to reopen on November 11 and will boast an expanded showroom  space and new retail concepts. The new concept store will feature a home living area that features a large  HDB-style house. Customers can experience and try out different items in the showroom, and can also  consult with furniture consultants about interior design ideas. It will also feature a coffee shop and  interactive cooking demonstration stations. 

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