9 Tips to Prepare Your Home for this Summer’s Sun


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It is easy to underrate the amount of time and effort it takes to prepare, clean, and make your home presentable for the summer weather. As a result, it’s advisable to kickstart the process as early as possible so that you can enjoy the beautiful summer sun. 

Are you aware that you can do a couple of things in advance before the warm months arrive? Well, here are the top tips for preparing your home for the summer season. 

Spring Cleaning

One of the best things to prepare your house for the summer weather is to carry out the spring cleaning. There are countless reasons why property owners opt for a deep spring cleaning. Plenty of dust may accumulate when your house is typically closed off to the outside air.

Although a spring-cleaning checklist can vary from one homeowner to the other, there are general items you shouldn’t forget. They include vacuuming blinds and curtains, cleaning out the dryer vent, washing the window trim and sills, disinfecting the light switches and stair tail, and dusting off the indoor and outdoor bulbs and light fittings.

Check Whether Your Fans are Rotating

First, how does a whole house fan work? In general, the ceiling fan should run counterclockwise during the summer to push down a lot of cool air. A fan that rotates this way assists in drawing moisture out of the air, which comes in handy if you live in a high humidity climate. 

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Perform Routine HVAC Maintenance

HVAC systems have a demanding job in the summer. So, ensure they are fully functional. The summer season is a time for peculiar allergies, so clean the air filter and ensure it’s ready to handle the weather. Whether or not you need a comprehensive replacement comes down to the air filter you have. You should check the air filters yearly.

A crucial tip for HVAC maintenance entails ensuring all visible areas around the system’s indoor and outdoor components are free from clutter and debris. Now is also the ideal time for turning off water to the furnace humidifier.

Assess the Gutters

If there is something you need to be prepared for, it is good summer rain. Winter often damages gutters. Thus, go around the house and assess gutters. If possible, clean out any debris and point the gutters in the right direction.

Check Your Thermostat

It would help if you didn’t wait until you face the sun’s extreme heatwave to determine that the thermostat is faulty. Instead, test the thermostat before identifying whether it’s restricting airflow in any way. It might be the best time to look out for a smart thermostat if you wish to upgrade. 

Test Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

Even if you have not encountered the unwanted twittering noise yet, it would be helpful to examine your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors as you prepare the house for the summer. 

Besides low batteries, accumulated dust may hinder these devices from working correctly. Like anything else, it is better to address the situation before it explodes. Assess the alarms and clean them, too.

Perform Basic Landscaping

Go around your garden and check whether there are any issues. You can look if some trees and bushes did not make it through the winter. If you see dead patches of grass, it might be time to try re-seeding immediately. 

Remember that the ideal time to sow grass is during late summer or early fall to avoid the effects of the scorching sun.

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Adjust the Return Registers

Another helpful tip is to modify the direction of the return heating and cooling vents mounted near the home’s floors and ceilings. You want these elements to leave cool air behind and pull-out warm air during the summer season. 

You can determine whether they are working appropriately by opening up the ceiling registers and closing the floor registers.

Allow Air into the House

Lastly, open the windows regularly to let in a fresh breeze and remove the stuffy winter air. It is best to perform this during the early summer or late spring before it becomes difficult to keep the windows open.

Is Your Home Ready for the Summer Season?

If your home is not ready for the summer, consider setting aside a few days to take care of all the essential tasks. It is vital to handle these things now before you head out to enjoy the sun all day. It would also be advisable to prioritize maintenance procedures instead of waiting for problems to occur.

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