Get the Best Budget Light Setup for Your Desk : Try the Quntis Computer Monitor Lamp


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While a long workday is stressful for everyone, it is especially challenging for those who use computers for long hours every day. Working on a computer screen for long hours means excess strain on the eyes, hands, and back. Such conditions can lead to reduced vision, loss of focus and chronic pains in the hands and back. But thanks to the latest technological innovations, we can now work for long hours and still ensure physical and mental health. There are many different devices in the market that can help you reduce strain on your hands, back, and eyes when working on a computer. One such innovative solution is using a monitor light for late night work. The Quntis Monitor Lamps are designed specifically to reduce stress and bring comfort to your eyes. 

What Do Quntis Monitor Lamps Offer?

Material: The lamps are made of a sturdy Aluminum alloy, PC and ABS which gives them a long lifespan and durability.

Color Rendering Index: A very high CRI of ≥95 Ra gives you excellent color rendering so that you can see the actual color of the object. It is also helpful in reducing eye fatigue after working for long hours. 

Full Range CCT: Quntis Monitor Lamp offers a CCT range of 3000K~6500K which means that you can set the light temperature according to your needs. This helps reduce strain on the eyes. 

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Size: Quntis Monitor Lamp comes in 15.7x 0.78 x 0.78 inch size which is a standard size. It can easily fit any screen in the 15 to 22 inch spectrum. However, it’s not suitable for laptop screens. 

Why Choose Quntis Monitor Lamps?

Among the many screen lamps available in the market today, choosing one can be a challenge. However, Quntis lamps make this choice easier with their varied and versatile features. Here are some reasons why you should go for Quntis lamps.

Budget Buy with Great Offers

Among its other amazing features, the price is certainly the best! While you get great features like Auto-Dimming and color control, it’s price is also very economical and budget-friendly. Plus, Quntis gives you great offers on their products. Currently, Quntis Lights offers a great discount on all Quntis Monitor lamps. All you have to do is use the discount code: 10%  G2LK7TZ8. And you can avail this offer anytime before it ends on 2023-01-17

Space Saving and Ergonomic Design

Quntis monitor light is easy to use and good for the eyes. Its ergonomic design is specifically made to reduce strain on the eyes and make working on the computer easier even at late nights. Also, the mount feature of these lamps ensures they don’t take up any desk space. Even when mounted on the monitor, the slim and sleek lamps look great while offering relief to your eyes. 

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Touch Controls and Brightness Adjustment 

Forget the hassle of clicking buttons and looking around for control cords everytime you need to adjust color or brightness. With its user-friendly touch sensitive interface, Quntis lamps make it easier to manually adjust the brightness and temperature of the lights. And, with its auto-dimming feature and built-in light sensors, it can automatically reduce brightness with a single long-press of a button.

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Anti-Flicker, Anti-Glare and Anti-Blue Light

Quntis lamps are specially designed so you can experience stress-free and soothing lighting for a relaxed office atmosphere. It’s unique asymmetrical optical design illuminates your desk space while ensuring there’s no reflected glare on the screen. Plus, these lights also block blue light and optical radiation, thereby reducing eye-strain and keeping them relaxed for a long time. 

Working long hours in the office is the new normal for the working class. Having the latest technologies like screen light bars and monitor lamps can make working easier and help you maintain your health too. 

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