Stylish Living 101: Lighting Ideas to Redesign Your Living Room

Looking for a way to illuminate your living room? Look no further, here we bring some lighting fixtures that will rejuvenate your living room. From defining the space to creating a new colour scheme for your drawing room, these lighting ideas will leave you with a renewed home.

So, to add a dash of newness and elegance to your home, keep scrolling and check out these creative lighting ideas.

Net Curtains For Natural Light

Before you start making any permanent lighting fixtures, remember to allow the sun’s natural light inside your living room. It’s not only cost-effective but also essential for your good health. You should use net curtains so that they don’t restrict the light.
Net Curtains For Natural Light

The soft hues of these curtains will filter the harsh sunlight and also keep the room cool. Net curtains are chic, easy to use, low-cost, low-maintenance, and readily available too; did we mention they are easy to wash too?

Aromatic Candles

Any positive space like a spa or temple would have some candles, right! Why not make your house that pious? Aromatic candles can never be replaced since they serve the purpose of a room freshener and illuminator single-handedly. The bonus is that they are easy to use.

The pocket-friendly nature of these candles is another brownie point we can’t miss. Embracing this efficient idea into your home decor will also help in saving a few bucks off the electricity bill.

Warm lights

Placing warm lights on the strategic edges of your living room will give your halls an even contrast and non-harsh brightness. Warm lights are good for elevating your dinner as well as cocktail parties. They promote relaxation, which means that you can finally get rid of your present dramatic lightings. So, for days when hectic office hours get you all weary, these soothing and natural-toned lights will help you to wind down.
Warm lights


Now is the time to lend an easy yet futuristic touch to the house with blinds. This innovative and easy-to-use decor offers a better lifestyle as well as an elegant look to your home. You can never go wrong with blinds; they restrict excessive light and maintain a moderate temperature in the room. Celluloid or galaxy blinds can even minimize external noise and help you maintain the right temperature. If you are looking for high insulating value, honeycomb blinds sydney is a perfect choice.

Mini Pendant Light

Can’t find a cute lighting fixture for your dainty living room? No sweat! A mini pendant light is what you’re looking for! Suspended from the ceiling by a cord or a chain, it’s a pocket-friendly alternative to chandeliers. Be it a nook or the centre table; a mini pendant will throw even and subtle light over it without taking your ceiling space. Its sleek and minimal appearance will get your home infinite compliments.

Sculptural Sconces

It doubles up as the perfect artwork for your drawing room. In case you’re fond of minimalistic home decor, the sculptural sconce is the easiest way to spice up your living room. It effortlessly adds visual interest to empty walls and is perfect for small rooms. If a single sculptural sconce makes your living room look monotonous, go for a pair adorned in vivid colours.
Sculptural Sconces

Floor/Table Lamps

Here comes the easiest way of decorating your living room; all you need is a table lamp. You can use CFLs or LEDs, and later embellish them with lampshades of your choice. Lamps are also a good way of filling the extra unused space.

Now that you have all these crazy lighting ideas, which one are you picking for yourself?

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