Strategic Places To Position Your Plant Boxes

If you are wondering what plant boxes are, well, in the simplest of terms, they are planters in the shape of cornered shapes. They may be in squares, rectangles, and even multiple sides containers like an octagon or a pentagon. Plant boxes can be made with metal, terracotta, plastic, and even concrete, and each looks fantastic.

Now here is the catch:

Where do you place them?

This piece will highlight a few places you can place your plant box in your home and make the space look fantastic.

The home entrance

Nothing says a warm welcome like a beautiful plant box strategically placed right beside your door. It creates such a fantastic aesthetic that will make your guests admire your home even before they enter. One more thing this plant box can be is a hiding place to your spare key. But instead of placing it at the prominent spot at the bottom of the pot, dig a hole and put the key enclosed in a small box. This way, no one will know it is there, and the home entrance will look superb.

Plant Boxes3

The end of the corridor

If you have a walkway in your home, at the very end could be the perfect home for your plant box. This location often left bare, could use that facelift that the plant box with our plant could offer. You do not have to worry about the plant box being hit as most times; no one ever steps that area.

In the living room corner

Your living room corner could also possibly be the perfect spot to place your plant boxes. And for symmetrical purposes, you may place one on each corner that faces the couch. This location will make your living room appear more lively.

On the driveway

Suppose all the places inside the home already have planters, when nor place your plat boxes along the driveway. You may place one long plant box where you park the cars or combine several to attain the same aesthetic.

Plant Boxes2

To border your garden

Plant boxes can also make fantastic garden borders as well as on the patio as a perimeter wall. When you place these boxes in a line, they give the illusion of a wall that is still home to more plants. And since you can never have too many plants, having these plant boxes is a pretty great idea.

Take away

Plant boxes are versatile planters that any kind of plant can call home. They can be used to plant succulents, trees, and even short shrubs that bloom unique flowers in the spring. Just imagine having that in all of these spaces; it sounds spectacular, right. 

Now you do not have to imagine it but make it happen. You can get these planters in any size and color that matches the aesthetics of their new surrounding. If your interior decor is blue in the living room, look for plant boxes with a blue hue, and if the walkway has brown tiles, make yellow or brown planters that will complement the space.

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