Step to Buy Bitcoin Currency

Bitcoin can be considered the future of the new currencies that recently existed in the arena, which made us ask and inquire whether it is really considered another economic alternative currency, or can we consider it a way to make money? In fact, the answer is yes, it has many reasons and more to obtain this reputation.

However, this does not mean not knowing everything about it before dealing with it, you have to ask and know where it came from, and how to deal with it, and what exactly do you do, in fact you can buy what you like, do you want ice cream dessert? Want to buy a party ticket? So it will serve you then, but it is not like other currencies, you cannot touch it and put it in your bank account in front of you, because it is in short an intangible digital currency, so some consider it a fake currency, so you should always pay attention to your currencies and protect them, as for the question of how it came or Manufactured? It does this by means of a very complex calculation called “mining”.

It is a digital currency created by a developer who remains anonymous to today calling himself Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, in order to provide a decentralized financial alternative that is applicable to the current financial infrastructure, where you can spend it for purchase through algorithms and technical calculations called smooth Blockchain blocks. More info here –

Today we will explain to you how to buy bitcoin, with the necessary details you need to successfully complete that process, and also we will explain how you can exchange your e-currencies.

Step one: find a bitcoin wallet

Bitcoin wallet

Dear reader, you can choose between electronic wallets, desktop wallets, phone wallets, paper wallets, or even cold wallets. There are a lot of e-wallets that you can get and available for you. Choose what suits you best from them, and the bitcoin wallet is a wallet used to store your electronic currencies so that you can control and spend them as you like, or even exchange them in other currencies, and to know the best wallets that you want to use in different cases, we recommend you to visit Special lesson Governor Alpetkoan.

We advise you, dear reader, to start with an easy and simple wallet to deal with, so that you can cope with it, and you will find it easily on the Internet, which is downloaded for free and your money is kept in it for free as well, but if you then have a lot of electronic money, we advise you to purchase a hardware wallet to secure yourself from piracy And theft.


Step two: choose Bitcoin carefully

It is a method of obtaining bitcoin, you should know that there are a lot of traders that you can trust to buy bitcoin, but also there are some scammers, dear reader, you should take good care when deciding to choose the appropriate trader, and the method of using the exchange is the easiest way to buy bitcoin with debit card Without a broker, you must take into account the fees that were established for the purchase of that currency, and the available payment methods.

The site Local Bitcoins is the main site, which is where the order of these transactions and negotiating prices. The site offers warranty service as a kind of additional protection for both parties.

 Step Three: Choose the appropriate payment method

Get bitcoin

Exchanges allow a wide variety of payment options, you can pay by bank transfers and credit cards, but there are some methods that are not available in the payment process, including PayPal transfers, as well as wire transfers which are not present.


Bitcoin wallet are not available all over the world, they provide an alternative to withdraw money, enter your money in the machine, and scan the QR code for your wallet using your smart phone Or, you receive a paper receipt with the code necessary to download bitcoin to your wallet, and you should know, dear reader, that the exchange rate ranges between 3% to 8% over the original exchange rate.

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