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Stay Organized Always with Luxear’s Home Storage Tools

Organising a home is not just a chore, it’s like an art form. You can be as creative as you want but there are also some rules to follow. And despite what others have you believe, form is also important just like function. That’s why mid century modern designs are relevant and enjoyable even today. But that’s hardly the point of this discussion, is it? Today we are discussing the many merits of having home organization tools from good brands like luxear. They make keeping your home tidy an easy and affordable task. Here are some of their best products that make your homes more comfortable to live in!

Suction Cup Towel Bar

Suction Cup Towel Bars make for a great addition to your bathroom for both their form and function! Their sleek and modern design makes them blend in easily with other bathroom accessories. Take a look at why these towel bars would make for perfect bathroom organisation tools.


Durable and Sturdy

Built of top-notch TPE suction cup with Bionics octopus sucker principle, these towel suction bars can hold up to 22lbs. So, whether it’s your towel, bathrobe or other stuff, you need not worry if your towel bar will fall due to extra weight! And it comes with 5 adjustable hooks so that you can save more space and adjust it according to your requirements. And if you buy now, you can also get attractive discounts. Just use the discount code 10%  RCBJT8CD  before  2023-12-31 to avail a flat 10% discount.

Quick and Easy to Install

Along with being durable and strong, these bars are also quite easy to install. No need to use heavy duty tools or drill holes in the bathroom walls. All you need to do is press the two suction cup hooks to the wall until you hear a puff sound and then attach the bar to the hooks. 


Easy to Remove and Re-use

Another great feature of these towel bars is how easy they are to remove and reuse. You need to use a card to remove the suction cups from the walls, then dis-assemble the towel rack and wash them with warm water. They are now ready to use again! 

Having such easy to use, durable and reliable tools in your kitchen and bathroom means you can save space and stay organized without compromising on the loom and feel of your rooms. That has to be the most important and advantageous feature of any good home organisation tool!

Suction Cup Hooks

Suction cups are an invention that have brought many changes in many industries. For the home organisation sector, they are a boon that have made difficult organizing solutions not just possible but also easy. Take for example Luxear’s suction cup hooks. These hooks are sturdy as well as good-looking. Plus they come with great offers too. If you buy them with a discount code 5%  HR9SCAJV before 2023-12-31, you can get a flat 5% discount! But here’s what makes them a great addition to your homes.


Stable and Waterproof

These suction cup hooks can hold up to 5.0 kg/11LB weight making them a reliable and durable choice for storage options. Plus, they are waterproof so you can use them even in wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Add suction hooks to your kitchen walls to hold kitchen accessories and tools. You can also use them in the bathroom as holders for your towels, bathrobe, loofah, and other items. 

Reusable and Easy to Install

Installing these suction cup hooks is child’s play, literally. Yes, even children can install these hooks; they are that easy to install! But that does not mean they’re toys, easily removed and broken. No, you need to use a card to detach these hooks from the walls to remove them. They are strong and durable, providing you a great service for a long time. Plus, you can also reuse these hooks if you’ve removed them previously. Their reusability is one of the most attractive features that makes them a great addition to the home. 


Damage Free Hooks

When you want to install hooks in any wall, you need to worry about hammers and drilling holes on the wall. No need for screws and tools to make holes in the wall either. All you need to do for installing these hooks is choose a smooth surface, peel off the film and push the hook center labelled “PUSH” hard until you hear a noise. Their 360 degree rotation design ensures that the hooks will stick no matter if they’re attached straight or crooked! 

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