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Stamped Concrete or Pavers — Which One to Use

Concrete is the main component of construction jobs. Whether it is a patio, a driveway, or flooring, you will need concrete to do it. This is the reason why finding a Raleigh concrete company is not hard in the Raleigh area. There are numbers of concrete contractors to hire.

Some reasons to stick with concrete are durability, flexibility in terms of design, and flexibility. For one, your concrete company can offer to do stamped concrete for finishing. However, if concrete is not recommended as a possible material because of your house’s design, having pavers might be an option.

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Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is produced by mixing concrete, water, and some sand or stones. During finishing, it is stamped with a rubberized pattern or design. The end goal is to make the concrete look like a brick or wood or any design that you want. Your Raleigh concrete company can give you different styles of stamped concrete to choose from.

Before stamping freshly mixed cement, you can ask your concrete contractor to add some color to its surface. This can give your stamped concrete a more unique look. After stamping, concrete contractors also release some type of dust to the surface to keep the stamp from adhering to the mixture of concrete. This dust enhances the final look of the concrete as well.

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Pros of Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is cheaper as compared to pavers. It is easier to do as well. Pavers need to be installed one at a time, hence it takes longer when installed. Stamped concrete doesn’t get loose like pavers which can cause a trip accident especially when it is dark. This makes stamped concrete safer for homes with kids and the elderly. When it comes to maintenance, stamped concrete can be maintained once a year with a clear sealer.

Cons of Stamped Concrete

According to concrete service Tulsa, stamped concretes that are exposed to constant traffic and heavy loads like concrete driveways are prone to cracks. A skilled concrete contractor understands this downside of stamped concrete and adds control joints to make it more durable.  A crack on stamped concrete needs to be fixed immediately or it will get bigger. A simple crack or chip concrete repair might require a concrete contractor to ensure that it will look like the original. Otherwise, you might need to give your stamped concrete a resurface.


Pavers are brick-like pieces that look like a paving stone. It is used by concrete contractors when making patio, decks, and driveways. It serves as the exterior floor. It is shaped and molded accordingly. When used, it is installed one by one, skillfully. Pavers come in uniform design giving a driveway or deck its unique uniform look.

Pros of Pavers

Even when wet, pavers are not slippery, unlike regular concrete floors. This makes it a good option for pool sides or places that often get wet. Because pavers are shaped uniquely, their structure and installation allow them to have natural drainage. This gives it a longer shelf life even in places that always rain.

Say one of your pavers got chipped, it can be replaced easily because of its uniform design. Perhaps you have extra pavers from when you installed your pavers. Just keep it and use it to replace a chipped paver in the future. This means cheaper maintenance and repair as compared to stamped concrete.

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Cons of Pavers

 Pavers can get loose and can cause accidental tripping. When not properly installed, it can slowly become jagged, shortening its shelf life. Make sure to hire a professional Raleigh concrete company contractor to ensure that your pavers are correctly installed.

Installing pavers is also time-consuming. Your concrete contractor has to place one paver after the other slowly and accurately.

Hiring Your Raleigh Concrete Company

Whether you are going for stamped concrete or paved for your next patio project, it is important to have a concrete contractor that you can trust to the job. Concrete contractors are easy to find in Raleigh but finding skilled and experienced ones might be a little harder.

In finding a concrete company to trust, ask for recommendations from friends and colleagues. If not, you can search the web. Check for client reviews as well. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and ask for proof of training or certificates. Talk to your contractor and ask for an opinion. Even if you are familiar with the difference between stamped concrete and pavers, your concrete contractor might know which one will work best for your home.

Also, don’t forget to ask for a contract before starting your project. Your contract will protect you in case there will be accidents or damages during construction work.

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