Staircase Company London: Bespoke Luxury Staircase Designers


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Ovoms is a leading London staircase company that offers the most stunning bespoke staircases for home and office space. They produce designer staircases for both indoor and outdoor areas. Their staircase designs include floating stairs, zig zag stairs, cut-stringer stairs, full stringer stairs, centre spine stairs, and, last but not least, bespoke premium staircase designs. 

Bespoke Staircase Designers

The highly skilled team of bespoke staircase designers are experts at what they do. After the clients reach out to them, they create perfect staircase designs for any space and budget. When it comes to creativity and implementation, they are the best there is. The staircase designers possess a keen attention to detail and precise measurement techniques that ensure the best possible fit for the space. 

Luxury At Its Peak

The premium bespoke staircases are custom made according to the client’s preference. They don’t have any specific range, and the designers can customise them to any budget. The purpose of the bespoke designer staircases UK is to provide luxury with high-end materials and world-class finishing. They showcase aristocracy and aestheticism and work as statement pieces to their client’s homes.

Lets The Clients Leave Their Stamp On The Designs

This staircase company London allows their clients to leave a personal touch on their staircase designs by integrating their individual requirements and suggestions into the final model. It improves their homes’ entrances, and they feel more connected to the staircase. It’s like a unique stamp that they can put in their luxury statement piece.

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Top-notch Service and Customer Care

The designers are professionals who believe in working together to reach the same goal. At Ovoms, the designers ensure top-notch service. They collaborate with the client to determine the best possible design for the area and finalise the one that the client approved. Additionally, the customer service is available 24/7 so that the clients can share their valuable input at any given time.

Delivery Before Deadline

Here, the designers ensure that the staircases are complete before the deadline. To accomplish that, they work together with the clients to set a probable completion date for the job. Because the workers will start installing the staircase only after the building is complete. They will finish the stairs in a different place and then bring them to their destination for installation. So, the quicker the clients decide on the design, the better.

Fine Craftsmanship

We provides finesse of work and the best possible craftsmanship to its clients. They create the staircases with precision and perfect measurement to give the staircases a magnificent look. The stunning staircases are proof of their expertise and fine craftsmanship. They guarantee class, status and sophistication. 

Variations in Design

Ovoms has a variety of designs to choose from. The designs include floating designs, zig zag designs, cut-stringer designs, full stringer designs, centre spine designs, and bespoke premium staircase designs. The designers customise these designs according to the client’s requirements, making them unique.

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