Where to hang wall art in the key rooms of your Home?


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Wall art can be hung anywhere in your home. If you have a blank wall whether small or large in scale, art of all sorts can be hung there. In order to assist you we are going to explain here some valuable information that I have learned from years of experience. It is a good strategy to start this process by doing the following:

  • Choose a theme for the all inclusive Interior design concept for your home
  • Analyze your intention for each room individually

The theme that you choose should be something of a personal nature and be very close to your heart. It can be anything: modern abstract art, our family vacations, my hobbies, nature or wildlife fine art photography are but a few suggestions. Whichever theme you select you must remain true to it and not become distracted or gravitate away from your theme.  We should now go through all the possible rooms in the house and start to decide on what art and where to hang it.

The Entryway

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The  entryway is a good place to start. On the wall directly across from the front door it’s a good and practical idea to hang a mirror above a small table; this allows us a place to check ourselves out before going out. If there is space on either side of the mirror and our overall theme is nature and wildlife we may decide to hang a framed photo in black and white of our pet. It is best to keep this space uncluttered and open, as it is one of the busiest spots in the house; in most American homes this is a small space.

The Living Room walls

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In this all important room we often have a sofa placed in the center along the longest wall, above the sofa is a favorite place to hang artwork. Should our wish be to make a major statement with our artwork this is the place for it. If this wall is spacious we may choose to hang a large Fine Art Print here. An animal print from our Fine Art Collection would be a great choice. These animal art prints have the ability to bring an emotional element into the room. If your intention is to bring peace and solace into the room you may decide on one of our black and white snow owl pictures; should your intention be to bring excitement into your space we have an array of breathtaking black and white horse Fine Art Prints; some are of horses sparing with each other, galloping through water head on towards you, or prancing toward the sunset. 

These horse prints are the most favored by our customers and we think the reason for this is that they are not only beautiful but that they bring a strong range of emotions into any living room. We are frequently told that “our equestrian wildlife photographs make any room outstanding.” 

The Dining room walls

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The art that we choose in this room should reflect a mood of relaxation and calm. This is one of the rooms where we gather together with friends and family to enjoy our meals. For many families today sharing a meal with their family is an event that doesn’t happen every day as in the past. However, on weekends and holidays this is usually where the family comes together for dinner. Usually one wall for art is chosen for wall art here; but, in some cases we may choose two. In keeping with our theme we think that a selection of landscape art would be appropriate.

 A serene landscape image or images would set the right tone. A beautiful photograph of a waterfall, the Grand Canyon or a simple sunset framed print or prints could do the trick for this room.

Kitchen Wall art  

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Between appliances and cupboards and windows usually little space is left for wall art in most kitchens today. However, we do get requests for kitchen wall art. We first assess the size of the kitchen along with any blank wall space. If the kitchen is small we recommend anywhere from one to three small oblong framed black and white animal prints. Often we select one animal (perhaps a bird) and we hang prints of different birds. This creates a very pleasant relaxed atmosphere.

If the kitchen is large we can have greater freedom choosing art. On a large wall we can hang large or even oversized art. The emotion that you want this room to reflect should be decided first. Should your intention be tranquility we have landscapes and seascapes that will set the right tone. If excitement is your goal we employ animal family pictures in black and white that show them together engaging in daily activities such as eating, relaxing or at play. Favorites here are polar bears, Arctic foxes or monkeys.

Family Room Wall art

This room (sometimes called the den) is to be seriously considered as so much time is spent here, especially if the TV is in this room. In fact in most homes today it is this room and the kitchen that are used the most.

Since our wildlife animal prints are so favored for this room as with the kitchen we also recommend animal family pictures. Usually we will select two different animals. One wall can be a wolf family and the other horses; the contrast of these two animal families brings life and interest into the room.   

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