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Some Common Questions to Ask About Auto Shippers

Some Common Questions to Ask About Auto Shippers

When you decide to have a long-distance move, moving your stuff from one place to another becomes a difficult task. You can move your stuff by hiring a moving truck but shipping your vehicle becomes a big hassle. When it comes to shipping your car from your old home to new, you might have a set of questions.

To ship your vehicle safety, it is important to get the answer to these a few questions from the best national moving companies offering auto transport service:

Question no. 1: How much advance notice you have to give to an auto shipping company?

It is recommended you to contact the shipper at least a week before when you want to ship your vehicle.

It would be an ideal option to notice them as soon as possible. If you are flexible in dates in shipping your vehicle then you might get a good deal from auto shippers while at the end, when you want to ship the vehicle on immediately basis neither you will get a good deal nor all shippers will be available to ship your car.
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Question no. 2: How do you calculate the cost of the shipping a vehicle?

There are several factors on which the cost of shipping a vehicle depends. One of the most important factors that all companies consider is the type and the size of the vehicle that you want to ship.

Apart from that, the cost will vary according to the type of the shipping option (enclosed or open trailer) that you will choose, the distance of the move and the vehicle type. These are some of the main factors that are considered by the companies while shipping your vehicle.

Question no. 3: Can you provide free shipping quotes?

Of course, you should not pay shippers to get shipping quotes. If an automobile company charges you a cost to offer shipping quotes then you should not select such companies. Get shipping quotes from different auto companies and select the best company offering great quality services at affordable rates.

Question no. 4: Do auto shipping companies also include in their estimated cost?

Most of the auto shipping companies include insurance in their estimated cost while there are also a few shippers that do not include insurance cost in the basic shipping cost. You can also buy a separate insurance policy if you don’t want to get insurance through movers.

Question no. 5: What about shipping luxury cars?

Usually, all luxury cars have been shipped into enclosed containers. It provides extra protection to your vehicles. All the high-value cars have been shipped into luxury cars.
What about shipping luxury cars

Question no. 6: Will auto shippers ship cars from door to door?

Most of the auto shipping companies offer two-car delivering options one is terminal to terminal car option and another is the door to door car delivery option. You can select the right car delivery option based on your choice. Here it should be noted that door to door car delivery option is expensive as compare to the terminal to terminal car option.

Question no. 7: Should my car need to be operable for moving?

It varies from movers to movers though it is recommended you to tell the condition of your car. Make sure that the movers should be aware of the condition of the car if the car is not in operable condition.

Question no. 8: Can I ship more than one vehicle or cars?

If you have more than one vehicle and car, don’t worry. Remember that at a time, a trailer can move up to 10 cars. Ask your movers, they will let you know how you can ship more than one vehicle.

Question no. 9: Does the size of the car matters?

Yes, car size matters. The size of the car can even reduce or increase the cost of a move.

Question no. 10: Do auto shipping companies also deliver motorcycle?

Don’t worry if you want to deliver motorcycle because auto shippers also ship motorcycles as well. Though for 100% confirmation, you should contact your movers at ones.
Do auto shipping companies also deliver motorcycle

Questions you should ask from shippers!!!

Question no. 11: Is auto shipping company licensed?

Make sure that your hired company is licensed and insured. If a company is not insured or licensed, you could not trust them. So make a deal only when a company is licensed and insured.

Question no. 12: Do your offered estimate cost include everything?

Make sure that you ask this question to movers while hiring the company. Some companies might cost you a lot of hidden charges so make sure that everything is included in the quote and you don’t need to pay any hidden costs that might surprise you later.

The answers to all the questions will help you in choosing the right auto shippers for your vehicle and make you able to ship your vehicle safely to your new home avoiding all kinds of scams present out there.

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