Soil Erosion – What You Need to Know

Redesigning your home’s landscaping can allow you to put a new spin on your yard, but it’s important to make sure that you are making responsible decisions with your landscaping. The topsoil on your property is an important consideration during any landscaping project. Topsoil is essential for any portion of your garden set aside for planting since the nutrients it contains are key to plant growth. You should also ensure that any features of your landscaping design serve to preserve the topsoil your yard contains.

Topsoil is an important part of the global ecosystem, and it is difficult to replace. Natural topsoil development requires centuries of time, and threats to topsoil, such as increased erosion rates, should be taken seriously. If your yard contains large patches of barren topsoil with no grass or other vegetation, the risk of erosion can be high. When winds pick up or heavy rain arrives, you will see significantly more erosion in patches of your yard without proper ground cover. Your next landscaping project isn’t all about aesthetics. It’s great for your yard’s health as well.

Many factors determine the rate of topsoil erosion on a property. While not every element which factors into erosion rates can be controlled by your landscaping decisions, you can take part in many opportunities to protect your yard by the choices you make. If you’re interested in learning more about topsoil erosion and the threat it poses, study the infographic below for more details about what erosion can do. 

Soil Erosion

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