Sogni Di Cristallo Chandeliers: Luxury Handcrafted Murano Glass

SogniDiCristallo is a Venice-based company that deals with the manufacturing of unique lighting fixtures. It is a world class company with a range of products made by company-owned furnaces in Venice by using a method known as the genuine Murano Glass technique. Apart from the lighting fixtures, their inventory also includes items like vases, venetian mirrors, and other fancy items that possess Murano glassmaking artistic characteristics.

SogniDiCristallo has done collaborations with different architects and designers to complete projects for contracts that provide lighting in hotels, shopping centres, and restaurants, just to mention a few. In addition, their products have made their way into different, countless homesteads around the globe.

The SogniDiCristallo chandeliers are some of the most distinctive lighting appliances in the market today. Here are some of the top values that set apart these chandeliers from their counterparts.



The art of Murano glass making is the soul of all SogniDiCristallo® creations and it is a trademark of most of the company’s products. The tradition of the craftsmanship of the Murano Glass technique is one of the most admirable features of their products.

Up to date, the company’s very skilled individuals use this ancient but very unique technique to create the elegant lighting product masterpieces in their furnaces located in Venice, Italy. This skill dates back to hundreds of years ago, and has been passed on from past generations. While it is a conventional method, it is beyond comparison and has been a valuable asset in Venice.


SogniDiCristallo understands the importance of offering value to customers, hence it emphasizes on using top notch quality materials and paying attention to details. Incorporating these features to every product has greatly paid off over the years, making their products unique and inimitable. Through the value offered to their customers through their products, SogniDiCristallo has become a household name in the interior lighting sector.

SogniDiCristallo products boast top designs only achieved through proper research, which has preserved the unique yet commendable Murano glass work technique. Due to the exclusive designs, these products have waded into some of the most prestigious destinations outside of Italy and beyond. And while they have gained recognition worldwide, they are fully made in Venice and ensure 100% authenticity.


The uniqueness of the lighting appliances, attributed to the Venetian art of lighting is a great way to bring out different exciting emotions even in the most private places like living rooms. The different spectacular designs that make the centerpieces of living rooms complement the different aspects of the room. Not to mention, the glass details of these products create attractive spaces and bring joy to people’s homes. This is one of the reasons why SogniDiCristallo has been a top pick for most homeowners who value aesthetics and beautiful spaces.

Different Collections

SogniDiCristallo also offers a wide range of lighting appliances and other Murano Glass products. There is no greater joy for a customer than having a wide range of items to select from. Whether you prefer the heritage collection, the Murano classics, Murano Chandeliers, or even a modern design, the company has these different collections. The quality remains the best with an exquisite range of designs in their catalogue.

Highly-skilled Team

One of the things that set SogniDiCristallo products from their counterparts is the team of skilled individuals behind the manufacturing of the different items. Every individual is highly equipped with the Murano Glass technique, and has continued to perfect their skills over the years. They have perfected their prowess in the art of crafting some of the best lighting pieces.

Available Showroom

Available Showroom
The best part yet is that the company has a showroom where you can admire and view the different types of products available. SogniDiCristallo also has a showroom located in a Venetian Villa, not far away from the center of Venice: It takes less than 20 minutes drive to get there. The showroom has a collection of more than 100 models of different items and hospitable staff ready to show you around. Here, you get to see everything from the limited collection items to other luxurious items in person.


When purchasing a chandelier or any other lighting fixture, you want value for your money. The only way to get the value for your money is through buying high quality, durable and unique items, which is what you get when you invest in SogniDiCristallo. By putting their customers first, the company has been able to provide impressive lighting fixtures and other glass items that are highly coveted by interior designers and homeowners alike.

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