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Sneaky and Innovative Ideas to Redesign Your Sleeper Sofa

We humans, impressive though we are, haven’t quite figured out a way to make perfect everlasting furniture yet. A sleeper sofa, like any piece of furniture, is bound to have flaws that annoy and dismay you. Maybe those flaws were there when you bought the sofa, or maybe they showed up as it aged; either way, do not despair, for there are ways to redesign your sofa in order to weed out these flaws.

As far as improving your sofa goes, you can either tackle the problem from the inside or the outside. But first, a bit of terminology.

#What is a Sleeper Sofa?

This guide is specifically about sleeper sofas, and not pull-out sofa beds. Although the two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, these are actually two types of sofas.

Berwick Mid-Century Sleeper Sofa

The difference is that, unlike their cousins, sleeper sofas don’t come with foldable bedframes built into them, nor do they come with foldable mattresses. Instead, sleeper sofas convert into beds by having you either remove or fold down the back of the sofa. Here you sleep not on a mattress, but on the sofa’s cushions.

#Attacking from Inside

If your sofa lacks comfort, then changing what’s inside it can help while likely being cheaper than buying a brand-new sofa. The padding of the sofa and filling of the cushions can both be exchanged for materials of your taste. There are many options in the market, from the resistant and practical Polyurethane foam, all the way up to fancy feather foams that sound like they belong in the queen’s chambers.

If your sofa has springs, changing those may make it more comfortable. Quality heavy-weight serpentine springs can do a great job, while eight-way hand-tied springs are famously worth the extra cost.

Recast Plus Sofa

#Attacking from Outside

If your problem is aesthetic, or you need a less invasive comfort solution, there is plenty that can be done to the outside of a sleeper sofa to make it more pleasing.

Maybe your sofa didn’t age well, or it just doesn’t look as well as it did in the site’s picture. In that case, you can fix it yourself with the help of one of the many DIY furniture decoration tutorials available online. Alternatively, you can throw money at the problem and have a professional change the entire lining of the sofa for a fabric better suited for your tastes.

To improve the comfort from the outside, there is plenty that can be done, even in a pinch. For instance, you can use beddings or blankets to cover the sofa’s cushions, or even the entire sofa if necessary. Any hard surface on the sofa can be made more comfortable by adding a layer of padding, or they can be wrapped in towels for a quick comfortable fix.

At last, if nothing else works, you can simply toss an entire mattress on top of your sleeper sofa. Just make sure it’s something light, so it won’t put too much stress on the frame. Sure, your sleeper sofa probably won’t look very pretty with a mattress on top of it, but lucky for you, most humans sleep with their eyes closed. It won’t matter.

Finally, if you want to avoid having to redesign the next sofa you buy, sites like Modern Digs Furniture are packed with buying guides to educate your next purchase.

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