Smarter Technology for a Smarter Bedroom

A bedroom is like a sanctuary for a person. It’s supposed to provide a comforting, relaxing environment that will help its inhabitants feel at ease and fall asleep.

Now, new Technology has been developed to enhance this feeling. It seems that for everything that used to be a struggle, a piece of technology has been designed to accommodate it.

Here are five smart gadgets to give you a smart, relaxing bedroom.

Sleep Trackers

Many people have trouble falling asleep. Experts say there are five stages of sleep. Stage 3 and REM are the deepest and are required for a full night’s sleep. If you are having trouble with sleep, but aren’t sure where that trouble is, a sleep tracker is a good way to find out.
Sleep Trackers

Fitness and smartwatches have sleep tracking as one of their functions. It will track your vitals through sleep and any period of restlessness.

If having something on your wrist at night isn’t for you, there are also options that go under your bedsheets. They will also track restlessness, and how much sleep you are getting, as well as your temperature.

Both gadgets are designed to help a person with a full night’s sleep.

Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are a new invention and widely used. With all the stuff they can do, it’s no mystery as to why.

Smart home systems can do almost anything.

You can:

  • Set an alarm
  • Make a grocery list
  • Make travel plans
  • Get reminders for medication
  • Play ambient sounds
  • Get the latest news
  • Get game scores
  • Buy tickets
  • Take a quiz

And More!

Any question you have can be answered. Math? Not a problem. In your bedroom, a Smart speaker can play music or ambient sounds to help you fall asleep.

Since it can already do so much, it’s hard to think of this technology as developing, but it is! Who knows what it will be able to do next?

Bed cooling systems

Did you know that to achieve REM sleep, your body temperature must drop 1 degree (Fahrenheit) or 0.5 degrees (Celsius). This transition helps the body know when it’s time to sleep.
Bed cooling systems
Of course, everyone sleeps under blankets, but if the body gets too hot, the person will wake up.

A great solution to that is bed cooling systems. They can work to keep you bed cool while you sleep. This is especially great for hot sleepers who struggle who may wake up all sweaty due to a single hot flash. If you are looking for gadgets for a cooler night’s sleep, then check this out!

Air Purifiers and Diffusers

An air purifier works to rid the air of impurities. Diffusers take essential oils and release them into the air.

Let’s talk about Air purifiers first. Do you have Allergies? Me too. Air purifiers are an immense help to those who suffer from allergies or asthma. They take contaminated air and filter it. During the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung unveiled a new robot designed to do exactly this. When it hits the market, it will move around, scanning the air. When it finds unclean air, it will fix it and move on.

Diffusers are more commonplace (and maybe a tad less expensive). They mix essential oils with water and turn it into a vapor that fills the room with the desired smell. Different essential oils create different moods. For example, lavender is great for sleeping. If you are trying to stay awake and study, citrus is good for that. Wellness blends and other essential oil mixes are out there as well.

Separately or together, these devices help create a relaxing environment in your room that’s great for sleeping.

Command Technology

Command Technology
Don’t let the name scare you. Command technology simply refers to lights, blinds, smart plugs, and more.

These things can generally be controlled by a smart speaker. Smart plugs hook up directly to the device and will turn on whatever you wish with a simple voice command (ex: Alexa, turn on Christmas Tree).

Blinds that work automatically are great in the morning, especially if you struggle to wake up. The natural light can be welcomed, either with a remote control, or a smart speaker.

Another great thing for those who struggle to fall or stay asleep is smart lights. This has two meanings. It can mean lights that are controlled by a smart speaker, or it refers to lights that are designed to give off the same energy as the sun.

The later of the two can help balance the Circadian rhythm and even treat mild forms of depression.

Make Your Bedroom a Smart Room

Your bedroom is your place. Ultimately, you should decide what it does for you, and Technology can aid you. With these tools, you can create a smart bedroom that gives you the relaxation and comfort you deserve.

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