All You Need to Know About the Kitchen Work Triangle Theory

If you are getting your kitchens redone, then you may want to check out the kitchen work triangle theory. It is basically the notion that if your countertop is at equidistant from your refrigerator as well as sink, then that makes for an effective kitchen. You would not have to walk and your kitchen would indeed be efficient and that’s the kitchen work triangle theory. If you want to know more about the work triangle theory, then you may want to read on.
Triangle Kitchen Work

  • The work triangle: The kitchen work triangle is set up in such a way that the countertop is at equidistant and not too far from the refrigerator and the sink. This should enable you to move between the different parts of the kitchen and remain close enough to reach the refrigerator or the sink without having to walk too far. Generally speaking, the sum of the three sides of the triangle should not exceed 26 feet but there is no hard or fast rule. If you would like to review some of the work triangles in action then you can Google Kitchen showrooms in Newcastle NSW and check out the various kitchens which had incorporated the work triangle theory.
  • Kitchen zones: Today, the modern kitchen is broken up into several zones to facilitate faster cooking. For example, you would have to segregate your kitchen into consumables, nonconsumables, cleaning and preparation. Obviously, you would have to set the cleaning right next to the sink and the preparation to be set right next to where the non-consumables such as kitchen knives are stored. This should enable you to streamline operations in your kitchen and combined with the fact that you have a nice kitchen, along with an effective work triangle, which should enable you to cook faster. You may also want to park a wooden kitchen bench at the other end, as it should come handy.
  • Dining: Dining is an important activity that you undertake with your whole family, and whether you chose to eat in the dining room or the kitchen it should not matter. But if you are worried about the lack of space, well you can use the countertop as a table, complete with chairs and have your dinner there. This should make for a fast and efficient meal since the stove would be right there.
  • Charging: You may also want to set up a small charging station in the kitchen. It is better to avoid putting a charging station right in the living room since it can clutter the same. So use the extra space in your kitchen. With the work triangle, your kitchen should have the required space for a charging station and even a wine cooler as well. You may also have space for a small refrigerator as well.
  • Cost: Well, the cost can vary from one vendor to the other. This is why you may want to check online for various vendors and contact them and in the process, get an estimate from each of them. You should also look as to how long they have been remodeling kitchens, and whether they have a valid license and insurance as well. Once you have confirmed all the details and ensured that they can complete the project at the said rate, you can then go ahead and sign an agreement with the contractor to develop your kitchen along with the work triangle theory featuring in the sane, right, front and center. it is better to check online reviews as well as ask for suggestions from your loved ones. But remember that cheap does not always translate to quality, so chose correctly.

Triangle Kitchen
These are some of the reasons as to why you would want to obsess over a kitchen with a functional work triangle being incorporated into your kitchen. As you can see, a work triangle can help you function better and in the process, streamline your operations as well. You can check various kitchen models with a working triangle and see which one suits you better.

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