Smart Thermostat Buying Guide

Smart Thermostat Buying Guide

As a homeowner, a right thermostat will warm or cool your home. With this, you can save up to $50 a year on energy bills. Some manufacturers claim that power savings can reach $100 or more.

Currently, there are different types of thermostats in the market. The common is either programmable or nonprogrammable thermostats. In the past, the programmable option was the most prevalent.

But the challenge for several consumers is that they’re challenging to program. A 2015 survey reveals that 40% don’t use the programming feature. Well, this is a problem because it’ll not regulate energy use leading to higher costs.

Here are some tips to consider when sourcing for a thermostat.

1. Get Smart Thermostats

The advent of smart thermostats is revolutionizing the industry. They’re easy to use and control. You need to follow Honeywell thermostat instructions on their use and installation.

Even better, smart thermostats can connect to the internet. With this, you’ll be able to control them irrespective of where you are.

2. Check the Scope of Your Wiring

Check the Scope of Your Wiring

The choice for the thermostat is dependent on your wiring. For example, a programmable thermostat works best with few low-voltage wires. As such, they’re ideal for older heating systems.

If you opt for nonprogrammable options, then you must have a C-wire. The wire ensures continuous power for Wi-Fi and display features. Consult your HVAC technician on whether you have a C-wire or not.

But what happens if you don’t have a C-wire?

Check your Honeywell thermostat instructions for guidelines. You may call professionals to install the wire or buy a power adapter that allows you to add the wire.

3. Power Input

When buying a thermostat, its voltage should be compatible with your HVAC system. Yes, smart thermostats have unique power needs either 24V, 110V or 240V.

Low voltage thermostats work best with boilers, heat pumps and air conditioners.

4. The Design

Several homeowners are conscious of shape and design. If you’re one of them, don’t worry! It’s possible to get LED displays making it easier to read at any time. Further, its interface should be easier to use.

5. Geo-Fencing Capabilities

Geo-Fencing Capabilities
Do you want to save on energy consumption when you’re away? A smart thermostat is your best bet! It uses your smartphone to track your movements and adjust the temperature accordingly.
With some designs, you can set a perimeter. It’ll know when you leave and adjust accordingly.
It’ll also learn your behaviors and set the temperature schedules.

6. The Installation Procedure

Before you buy a thermostat, take time and check their installation guides. Well, smart thermostats come with clear installation manuals. However, if you’re in doubt, seek assistance from a technician.


A thermostat helps control the temperature at your home. In doing so, it’s able to lower your energy consumption resulting in lower energy consumption.

The features you consider when buying a thermostat depends on your needs. The above list should help you determine what you need. Incorporate a smart thermostat today; you’ll not regret it.

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