Smart Gadgets That Add High-Tech Convenience To Your Kitchen

What do you think makes a smart home?

You might already have a smart TV in your living room and a smart speaker in the lounge. Heck, you might even have a smart thermostat and smart lighting, too.

But, how about your kitchen? It isn’t a smart home if your kitchen is not up to date with the latest techy stuff!

Ever since the smart home category appeared onto the tech scene, a myriad of manufacturers has already jumped on the bandwagon to the point that choosing can be such a daunting. And that quickly expanded even to kitchenware, too!

Here are some of the smart kitchenware and appliances that will surely add high-tech convenience to your kitchen space.

1.Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridge

Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridge

We all know Samsung— from their long lines of smartphones and smart home appliances, they introduced their new line of fridges that cost above $5,000!
What’s with the price, you ask? Well, Samsung added lots of techy features on this fridge that will make your life easier. It has an embedded camera that takes images of the content inside everytime it is closed which can be handy when you are at the store. This smart fridge also alerts you when a food item has been there for too long; it might go bad.

And it has this built-in touchscreen that can stream music, offers recipe suggestions, and also automatically reorder food with MasterCard partnership.

2.WeMo-Enabled Crock-Pot Slow Cooker

From meaty dishes to hearty soups, slow cookers get a place in any kitchen. But why settle for the standard slow cooker, when you can have a smart one? Being one of the best slow-cooking and soup making smart machines, this Crock-Pot is WeMo-enabled and allows you to adjust cooking setting, wherever you are! With its handy WeMo app, you can check the cook time, temperature, change settings or even turn off the device using your smartphone or tablet.
It makes cooking in a crockpot a lot easier and more convenient, particularly if you are sitting in traffic on your way home!

3.Nespresso Prodigio Coffee Machine

Nespresso Prodigio Coffee Machine
For the coffee lovers out there, you will be glad to know that the humble coffee machine now takes a techy leap. Nespresso is already a popular household name in home barista-bots, and its connected edition uses the very same capsule system, making it easy for you to find refills.

Nespresso Prodigio smart coffee maker
The Nespresso Prodigio does what you would want from a high-tech coffeemaker— remotely making cups of delicious coffee via tablet or phone (Android or iOS), reorder capsules and schedule brewing.
And as for the coffee taste, it is excellent! Nespresso capsules are highly regarded by coffee lovers around the world, and they offer a broad range of coffees and roasts so you will be spoilt for choices.

4.Anova Precision Cooker

Up your sous vide cooking game with the smart precision cooker from Anova that is designed to help you slow-cook any food item to perfection with the help from its accompanying app! This precision cooker is Wi-Fi enabled so you can control it from afar. Drop your dinner into a water bath early in the morning, command it to start cooking from work and come home with a nice juicy steak waiting for you!
And the app is not just a remote control either— there are lots of excellent recipes, video tutorials, and some cookery guidelines!

5.T-fal Actifry Smart XL

Anova Precision Cooker
T-fal (Tefal if you are outside the United States) is not waiting around in the dumb kitchen era. They introduce their Bluetooth-powered fryer named Actifry Smart XL that allows you to fire over recipes (more than 200 of them) directly from your tablet or smartphone.
The Actifry Smart XL does the hard work for you, so you do not have to worry about when to stir it up or what temperature you need to use. Moreover, the app also offers you step-by-step video instructions for the bits that the fryer cannot do.

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