Sleep Easy When Getting a New Bed

Buying a new bed can be a challenging process because there are many factors to consider plus you have to take into account your sleeping preferences. But here at Sleepy’s Express, we have come up with 5 steps for you to keep in mind when purchasing a new bed.

Check the stores

With the internet and development of e-commerce, it is pretty easy to buy almost anything online. However, when it comes to a mattress, the preferences are usually personal, and the only way to go about it is by experiencing it physically in a store.

You can still buy the mattress online, but after trying it in person at your local store. Plus you will be able to make a comparison from the store to an online retailer and see if the same bed is selling at a much lower price than in physical stores. So after doing your homework, proceed and make some online comparisons.

Pillow top

Pillow top

Most mattresses come with a pillow-top. However, the fuzzy comfort comes at an additional fee, which can be avoided. Moreover, the pillow top will go flat much sooner than your mattress, particularly if you are heavy.

Pillow-tops are also quite thick, and you will be forced to buy new, much more expensive sheets. So, maybe instead of a pillow top, you should buy a firm mattress topper if you need that fluffy feeling.

The bigger the mattress, the higher the cost

Choosing a bigger mattress means you will spend more. As you can imagine the material used from a single to a king-size bed is a massive difference. So make sure you measure up your room first and check what size bed you want to buy and what is right for your room, a bonus is you can save money not going too big.

Check the reviews

If you choose a reputable mattress brand, you can save yourself a lot of headache and stress if anything goes wrong. If you haven’t heard of the bed company, search on Google for them to check what your customers are saying about them. This can give you an idea of what the mattress is like and what complaints they are receiving.

Don’t go too cheap

Don’t go too cheap

A good mattress will always be costly, but this is not a reason to be cheap. Spending less than $500 for a king mattress is not a good indicator of quality. Still, it may suggest a couple of things, including the bed, could contain higher toxicity chemicals, inferior materials, construction, and lower durability.

So make sure you check everything that makes up the bed is of high quality and then determine the price don’t just pick the cheapest one because that bed could only last 5 years when a slightly more expensive mattress will last 10.

Remember, you are going to spend almost a third of your life on that mattress, so make sure the time counts.

To put it simply, a mattress will last up to 10 years, so if you buy a new one today for $1000, this equals to $0.27 a day over the 10 years. Imagine being able to drift off quickly to the land of nod and then wake up the next day feeling refreshed, and for just 27 cents!

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