Six Key Decorating Tips To Make Any House Better

Is the room not looking as good as it did in your imagination? Here are some designing and decorating tips that will make your room better.

1. Pick your paint color last

Pick your paint color last

A common mistake that many people make while designing their homes is that they pick the paint color first. Paint colors come in many tints, tones, and shades. And each shade may look different in different homes due to the lighting. Also, the furniture you want to put in the room may not match the paint. So, choose your artworks, furniture, and rugs first and then paint the walls with the color that best compliments the furniture.

2. Don’t overcrowd a room with furniture

Don’t overcrowd a room with furniture
You need to give your furniture some room to breathe. There is no requirement of filling the room with lots of furniture instead spend your money on furniture of better quality. A well-furnished room with less but more prominent and matching furniture will look way better than a room filled with flea market items. An overcrowded room makes it difficult to move around and giving your furniture a gracious space for maneuverability will make sure that you don’t stub your foot every time you pass the sofa.

3. Hang artworks at the proper height

Hang artworks of the right size
Artworks can instantly make a room more lively and beautiful. But you need to focus on the positioning and size of the art for the best results. Make sure that the artworks are hanged on the average eye level. Art galleries hang their artworks in such a way that their centers are 57 to 60 inches above the floor level. This is the average human eye level.

4. Hang artworks of the right size

Hang artworks at the proper height
If you are having trouble determining what sized artwork will look best on any wall. Then you should take a picture of the wall you want to hang the artwork, print it out and draw on it. You can also use any drawing app to draw on it. Doing so will help you determine whether a larger or smaller sized artwork is required.

5. Properly arrange furniture on the rug

Properly arrange furniture on the rug
There are primarily three ways furniture can be arranged on a rug. The first one is placing the furniture on the rug. This method is best for a larger room and a larger rug. It gives the room a more luxurious feel. The second method is to keep your furniture off the rug. This method is great if the room and rug are smaller in size. The third way is keeping the front on the rug. This method is suitable for all sizes of rooms, and it gives the room a more open and free look.

6. Use proper lighting

Use proper lighting
Lighting is a very important factor when designing a room. Place lamps and other lights in such a way that it complements the room’s focal point. The focal point may be a dining area, rug or artwork. Use the lights to make the main area of the room more prominent and appealing while still keeping a steady distribution of light on the remaining parts of the room.
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