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Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Even though your house might not talk to you, the signs can sometimes be obvious when there is something wrong. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure that every aspect of maintenance is being taken care of. It can be overwhelming from a financial perspective as you might not be prepared for some of the challenges. One of the structures that often gets neglected is the windows.

The windows play both an aesthetic and functional role in a house. That is why you should be taking the appropriate measures in ensuring that they’re well maintained. Even though windows can’t last forever, those that are well maintained can go up to 20 years. Here are some of the signs that you need to replace the windows in your home.

They’re Damaged, Warped, or Broken

There are occasions where it is possible to repair the windows instead of replacing them. If it is a minor issue such as hardware or weather-stripping, a repair might be the best option. Trying to repair a damaged or broken window can be a challenging endeavor. Even if the windows seem to be operable, they can still have problems down the line which will lead to costly repairs.
Damaged Window

You’re Experiencing High Energy Bills

This is one of those signs that will be hard to ignore. If the HVAC system is in good working condition, there is a high chance the problem with energy loss could be the windows. According to statistics from the Energy Department, drafty windows could lead up to more than 25% energy loss. The best option will be to replace the existing windows with energy-efficient ones to reduce the energy bills. You should not put your home on the market before replacing the windows because potential homeowners are savvy when it comes to reducing energy costs. Not all windows are the same. That is why it is important that you have your needs in mind before you go out shopping.

You Home Needs a Makeover

If you’re planning on a home renovation, the windows will also need to be replaced. The windows form part of the most prominent features in a home. Make sure you take the architecture into account when researching the designs, as you’ll want a solution that is not only aesthetically appealing but also functional as well. There is a possibility that you’ll want to change the design to a window that opens from a fixed sash. This enables you to create a more comfortable interior and you’re also likely to witness an improvement of airflow.

You’ve Survived a Devastating Storm

Natural calamities usually happen when we’re least prepared. You might have survived a storm that has led to the destruction of property. The majority of the windows are destroyed and you will have no other option but to do a complete replacement. You’ll also be prepared with replacement windows in case you live in an area that is a hurricane impact zone. The window replacement company should be able to advise you on the best solution so that you don’t have to be doing the replacement every time there is a storm or a hurricane.
You’ve Survived a Devastating Storm

You Live in an Old Home

If you live in an old home, the chances are high that the windows have never been replaced. You could be dealing with a ticking time bomb and it is only a matter of when before things start falling apart. You shouldn’t wait until the signs have become obvious for you to take the appropriate measures. Technology has been evolving over the years and modern windows can last longer. You will not have to worry about replacing the windows for the next decade or two. This gives you peace of mind that there are no energy losses.

Safety and Security

Burglars are always looking for weak entry points. Your old windows could be the reason they break into your home. A burglar can easily know that the window is in a bad state when the paint has faded away. Don’t let the windows be the reason for the home invasion when you can do the replacement. Windows can also be used as an exit point in case of an emergency. In older homes, you’re likely to find windows that are hard to open. This shouldn’t be the case if you care about the safety of your family.

You also don’t want the window to fall which could hurt a person. A window that is difficult to open might require a complete replacement.

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