Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Roof

The roof is seen as the mainline of defense against the elements. A roof that is in a poor condition could be susceptible to major damages in case of a big storm. The majority of people will only start looking for solutions when they notice there is a major problem with the roof. Such problems might have been avoided if there were an inspection and maintenance schedule in place. As a homeowner, you will most likely be overwhelmed with other maintenance aspects but the roof needs to take precedence. You can reach out to C&D Staten Island Roofing if you’re looking for someone to repair or install a new roof. Here are some of the signs that a complete haul is needed for your roof.

It is More Than 25 Years Old

It is More Than 25 Years Old

As we’ve already mentioned, the roof is the primary line of defense against the elements. Having an old roof doesn’t help with this regard. You might find yourself spending a lot of money on expensive repairs which shouldn’t be the case. According to experts, an asphalt roof should last for about 25 years. Anything beyond that will just be stretching the life which is not always recommended. There are some other factors which could determine how a roof ages. A roof that was poorly installed is not likely to last through its projected lifespan. A neighbor who is replacing the roof could be a sign, especially if the houses were built around the same time.

Mold and Mildew

It could be time to start thinking about replacing the roof when you notice mold and mildew. You will start seeing dark verticals on the roof which could signify an underlying problem. Asphalt shingles are known to have protective granules. The bacteria can eat away the shingles and the protective layer won’t be as effective as it was before. This could be an eyesore for your property. A few shingles can be replaced but you will have no option but a full replacement if the mold has spread to the entire roofing structure.

Missing Shingles

Missing Shingles
One or two missing shingles shouldn’t be a problem. The real problem begins when you start seeing a couple of missing shingles. Replacing missing shingles can be a challenge because it will be hard to find matching ones especially if your roof was done a couple of years ago. You can’t just replace the shingles anyhow as that will not be aesthetically appealing. You will be wasting time to patch up every time when what is needed is a complete facelift.

Curled Edges

You will know there is a big problem when the edges of the shingles start becoming curled. The curling of shingles can come about in two ways: clawing and capping. Clawing happens when the middle begins to come up while the edges remain the same. Cupping will occur when the edges begin to go upwards. This could affect all the shingles on the roof and there is very little you can do in terms of repairs. You will have to option but to call the roofing company for a full replacement.

Holes in The Roof

Holes in The Roof
You might have called a roofing contractor after you started noticing spots on the ceiling when it rains. There is a possibility that there are multiple holes in the roof and it will be impossible trying to seal each and every one of them. If your house has an attic, it is important that you do an inspection after a major storm. There could be leaks that are not easy to detect. You will find out the hard way when the contractor says there is no other solution than to replace the existing roof.

Sometimes the problem with the leaks will emanate for an underlying roofing structure problem. The penetration of moisture could lead to rotting of the wood.

Granules in the Gutter

This you can ignore if it is a brand new roof. You should be worried when you start seeing granules in the gutter for an old roof. Once the granules fall off, you can expect the shingles to get damaged at a faster rate. It will only be a matter of time before you have to replace the whole system. Granules are supposed to protect the shingles from the sun.

To sum it up, you need to inspect the roof regularly so that potential problems are taken care of as soon as they’re spotted. Getting the right contractor is crucial for the longevity of your roof.

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