Seven Tips On How to Maintain The Pool

A swimming pool requires extensive care that is why it is essential to develop a strategy on how you will maintain it. It implies that you have to buy quality tools and have skilled workmanship who will keep your swimming pool in good condition. However, some of these tools can be expensive, but I always believed that it is better to spend money and to maintain your pool in good condition for longer. Therefore, in this article, I will highlight some of the ways that you can use to clean and maintain your swimming pool. Read on and learn some of these tricks.

Cleaning filters


The filters are responsible for getting rid of debris that ends up accumulating in the swimming pool. Therefore, the filter should be regularly cleaned because when you neglect the cleaning, the filter will not be able to do its job as required. It is essential to clean the filter at least once a week.

So, filters are responsible for trapping trash, debris, and leaves that are blown into the pool. If you want to maintain your pool, the filter is the first thing that you have to check and clean when it’s needed. Additionally, you can backwash the pipes in the filter system because these pipes get clogged too. It is advisable to clean this pipes by backwashing them thoroughly.

Well, how does backwashing occurs? Backwashing is a reliable way of removing contaminants from your filter system which generally happens when there is a reverse flow of water. By doing this once per month, you’ll protect your pool and pool filter system from the trash that collects there.

Balance chemical levels in the pool

Balance chemical levels in the pool
How do you balance chemical levels in the pool? Balancing the chemical levels is one of the critical measures that you can take to maintain your swimming pool. If there is the improper balance of chemicals, it can lead to some health effects such as skin irritation and allergies; it also facilitates bacterial growth. Additionally, it is evident that swimming pool consists of chemicals such as Cyanuric acid and chlorine. So, It is very fundamental to balance them correctly by using some of the testing kits.

To check the chemical balance, you can use water test strips to test your water at least once a week. We recommend you to use liquid test kits because they can track of total free chlorine, Bromine, total alkalinity and PH. When using these strips you need to hold it under water for a short period, and after that, you’ll compare the color graduation that appears on the strip to give you an understanding of chemical balance in the water.

Shock your pool

Shock your pool
When swimming pools are used for a long time, they tend to accumulate unwanted bacteria. This bacteria can be eliminated by shocking the pool. This process occurs when you raise the chlorine level to five times the reasonable amount and diluting it with water. After doing this, you will prepare your Chlorine sample and pour it back to the water then give it some time until the chlorine gets filtered through the return line.

After that, you will slowly refill the pool using fresh water. However, you should be cautious when shocking the pool because if you do it frequently, you may end up damaging your pool that is why it is not advisable to shock your pool more than two times in a row.

Schedule service appointments

Schedule service appointments
Swimming pools require close attention therefore as much as you want to do it yourself you might need to hire professional pool cleaner. A pool cleaner will check your pipes for any leakages and any abnormalities that might occur on the pool. You can schedule this service appointment yearly or monthly depending on your ability.

Use a tennis ball to absorb oil residue

The tennis ball has a porous surface which can be ideal for absorbing oil residue. Deodorants, oils, and lotions can be deposited on the pool as you use it. If this continues without being checked the waste, it tends to accumulate, makes your pool dirty clogging your filters. You can handle this by placing a tennis ball in the pool, and the ball fibers will absorb these oil residues thus leading to proper maintenance of your pool.

Scrub and skim your pool

Scrub and skim your pool
If a swimming pool is located near a wooded area, wind tends to blow debris and leaves into the water. It is crucial to skim your pool regularly. You can use manual or automatic pool skimmers that are available in various retail shops out there. Additionally scrubbing your pool prevents debris and algae growth which usually builds up on the sides of your pool.

Vacuuming the pool

Vacuuming the pool is an efficient way of removing debris. Polaris pool cleaners have been recognized as one of the convenient and a reliable vacuum cleaner which can deliver the best performance in cleaning all in-ground pools that require booster pumps.

It has a dual chamber bag which collects the debris as it undertakes its cleaning. Additionally, it has a well-developed filtration system which circulates water thus eliminating the contaminants before releasing crystal-clear water back into the pool.

Use a pool cover

Use a pool cover
Using a pool cover prevents the debris from entering your pool and eventually saves your time when cleaning it. Besides, when you close your pool during the winter season, it is important to add certain chemicals that will prevent the growth of algae and maintaining water clarity.

Algae brush

Algae brush
Using an algae brush is essential for eliminating Algae from your pool. You can use a stainless brush when cleaning concrete pools.


I always recommend preventive cleaning measures because it is cheaper and time conscious. Don’t wait until algae and bacterial growth has gone out of hand so that you can start cleaning your pool. It is essential to clean it regularly and give the necessary attention that it deserves. Swimming in a well-maintained swimming pool is enjoyable and healthy.

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