Say Goodbye to Boring, Uninteresting Bathrooms and Kitchen Walls, and Transform Them by Incorporating Artwork

If you’re like a homemaker, you spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen and bathroom. It doesn’t matter if you’re a gourmet who is never content the moment you’ve perfected the seaweed-infused emulsion or a mother who spent the past 45 minutes making the salmon risotto that the kids loved last week, and then it’s dumped into the trash in dismay (been that!) The kitchen is truly the heart of the house, and you need to decorate it with personalized metal signs or anything you love. The bathroom is where we can unwind, relax, and pamper or snooze in desperate need of five minutes of tranquility. But these are also the spaces in our homes that are usually the least thought of when it comes to the display of artwork. They don’t need to be! What if you treat the walls of your kitchen and bathroom like the walls of all the other areas of your home and let art make conversation points and create interest? 

The kitchen also serves as my home office and the spot where I relax and talk with my buddies over an iced tea or glasses of vino. If I’m planning to devote so much of my time there, I wouldn’t want to be looking at boring, dull, empty walls. The same principle applies if you are fortunate enough to be familiar with long, hot soaks in the tub or a relaxing bathing session. Selecting the right artwork or personalized metal signs was an essential element for our bathroom remodeling, and there’s no doubt it would not be as good without it. Here are my suggestions to include art in your kitchen and bathroom.

Don’t be precious…about what you can show at the table.

Don’t be afraid to show your favorite artwork in the kitchen, where you’ll be spending most of your time, because that’s where you’ll enjoy the most. Of course, if your favorite artwork isn’t Monet, and in that case, you should not put it in the oven, kettle or toaster. But broadly speaking, as long as your fave piece is behind glass, it’s easy enough to wipe off a stray blob of Bolognese sauce, and even vintage oil paintings are surprisingly resilient to stray sauce splodges.However…no need to display your best artworks in the bathroom. 

Artwork 1

Display at Bathrooms

Bathrooms generate a lot of steam and moisture, which isn’t the best place to display your treasured artifact. Make sure to choose items you’re not upset about, even if they sustain steam damage from time to time and are simple and cheap to replace. You can find them at a reasonable price and print by yourself, such as the huge abstract artwork I’ve styled for the bathroom. It’s everything in the mix…Play with new and old, and combine vintage pieces with striking and contemporary typography to create a unique and layered design that adds an extra dimension to the kitchen. 

Combination of asthetics

Combining vintage flowers with contemporary minimalist typography and that striking gold leaf initial that connects the two pieces is possible. When layering artwork, try to keep to a small color palette to ensure there’s an element that connects every piece. In this scenario, you can also stick to a color palette of black, green and gold to match the rest of your kitchen and the fittings. Go large…Add dramatic impact to the bathroom by incorporating large-scale pieces or a personalized metal sign. Many sellers specialize in vintage artwork and prints. It’s time to light the room up…Another excellent kitchen option is installing an LED light with the name of a famous phrase or slogan. It’s a great method of creating a social and welcoming atmosphere.

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