San Diego Replacement Window Company Discusses 5 Window Brands for Southern California Homeowners

If you’ve ever been in the market for replacement windows in your home, you probably found out pretty quickly that there are many, many brands out there. It can be intimidating to even know where to start. Which brands are reputable? Are the most well-known brands of replacement windows also the best windows? What upgrades should you actually consider, and which ones are just gimmicks to try to get you to spend more?
San Diego Replacement Windows

One replacement window company in San Diego, BM Windows, recently published an article on their website that talks about some of the more popular brands of replacement windows sold in Southern California in an effort to help San Diego homeowners get started in their search for new windows.

Here are the 5 brands they covered:

  • Milgard
  • Anlin
  • Monte Verde/Bay View
  • Simonton
  • Andersen

Three of these are more or less household names (Milgard, Simonton, and Andersen). They’ve all been around for many years and are even sold in the “big box” stores that many homeowners frequent. The other two are part of a smaller, regional company that only sells on the West Coast of the United States via authorized window dealers.

The window company tackled Milgard first. They acknowledged that Milgard is one of the most well-known names in the replacement industry, and that they are on the more budget-friendly side, but also said that Milgard windows should be considered more of an entry level offering. They said Milgard windows will be an upgrade from older, single pane windows, but indicated that there are better options available.

When it comes to Simonton windows, the San Diego replacement window company acknowledge that the company makes a solid product and offers a good warranty to go along with it, but upgrades are often needed to get them up to the standards of some homeowners.

Andersen windows are another popular brand of replacement windows that many Southern California homeowners consider. Their Fibrex window frames, which mimic the look of real wood, are attractive to a lot of people, but their windows do come at a premium price, and their warranty is not as good as others in the industry.
Replacement Window
As far as the replacement windows recommended by the San Diego window company in the article, they tell readers to look into Anlin, Monte Verde, and Bay View replacement windows. All three brands are made by Anlin Industries, which, as mentioned above, is a regional company that only sells their products in the Western United States. Anlin is the company’s premium brand of replacement windows. They come standard with many features that other window companies sell as upgrades. They are well-built, extremely energy-efficient, and come with an amazing warranty.

Monte Verde and Bay View are Anlin Industries’ more affordable windows, but they should by no means be considered “cheap”. As the San Diego replacement window company says, “[Monte Verde and Bay View windows] …have many great features…and homeowners shouldn’t shy away from them just because they are the company’s more ‘budget-friendly’ options. Monte Verde and Bay View offer vinyl windows and doors that are energy efficient and durable. Like Anlin windows, they’re made specifically for climates like San Diego.”

At the end of the article, the San Diego replacement window company offers their recommendation to homeowners in Southern California looking for quality replacement windows at affordable prices: Anlin, Monte Verde, and Bay View. Their recommendation is based on overall quality, warranty, and affordability.

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