Safety Measures to Take Before Shifting Into a New Home

Moving into a new home can bring a great deal of excitement. Not only are you moving to a new location, but you have the chance to make new memories and starting afresh. Suppose you are moving in with a family. The occasion is doubly impressive. Everyone in the house gets to experience the new environment and share their experiences. 

However, when moving into a new house, you need to make sure that you are taking your family to a safe place. Here in Australia, we have some of the most dangerous creatures known to man, ranging from spiders to snakes and various other deadly mammals. When you move into a new home, you want to ensure that you are protected from all kinds of pests and have a new house’s structural security. It means you need to take care of any possible hazards within the place relating to the structure.

Putting yourself and your family in danger is the last thing you want. Therefore, here are a few safety measures to consider when shifting to a new home.

Have the building inspected 

It would be best to make sure that the new home won’t pose a threat to the family’s safety. If you are moving to one of Australia’s coastal cities, like, Wollongong, you need to inspect the building. In coastal areas, buildings become weak and rustic due to the dampness around it. Secondly, depending on how old the house is, one of the main areas of concern is the roof. A roof that is caving in can spell disaster in any situation. 

It would be best to call in the local building inspection in Wollongong. No one knows how to inspect better than the local groups who have been residing in the city for decades. With hands-on knowledge and the necessary certifications, they could help you assure that your structure is safe. 

Install cameras

Check out the neighborhood

After the assurance of a house’s reliable structure, consider a look around and ensure that you are in a secure environment. You should be able to leave the family behind if you ever have to. If you live in a shady neighborhood where crime is rampant, chances are you will think twice about your family’s safety. 

Look at the town’s police records, research online, and ask the locals what they think about the area. If you doubt living in this part of the city, wait it out and find another home. If that’s the case, Wollongong has several other decent neighborhoods that you can consider. 

Fight the pests

Before moving into the house, get the property inspected by pest control. You wouldn’t want to live in a place infested with snakes, spiders, or even something as simple as cockroaches. Have the home fumigated and ask the exterminators to look at the site and do a clean sweep. 

Pests can be a significant problem, especially if you have children around the house. They may unknowingly step onto a spider or stumble upon a snake in the bushes. Having the pest control team coming in before you shift in will rid the house of all unwanted critters. Also, calling in the pest control team yearly is always a good idea.

Locking the Door

Change the locks and secure the windows

When moving into a new house, you need to change the locks. You never know who had the keys to those locks in the past; therefore, changing them either before or shortly after you move in is crucial. Not only do the real estate agents have the keys to your current locks, but the previous tenants might also have a copy. Moreover, ensure all the windows are secure, and there is no easy way to break into the house. 

Install cameras 

Installing a camera on your property is one of the best deterrents for intruders. Not only does it give you the advantage of having a full view of what’s going on outside, but simply knowing that a house has security measures might ward off criminals. 

Installing a weatherproof camera or merely putting up an ADT protection sign could be great to keep the place secure. It’s all about showing that you are protected. Whether you have the facilities or not is secondary.


We hope you have a great time in your new home while considering the security measures highlighted above. Having a house where you truly feel safe and secure is one of the best feelings one can imagine. There are millions of people worldwide who own lavish homes but have some security issues. Whether structural, pests or environmental, feeling insecure in your house is a curse. These measures are necessary and should help you in gaining the peace of mind you need. However, don’t stress yourself and take it easy. 

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