Rustic Architecture: A Homeowner’s Guide to Building a Wooden House

Building any house is a complicated process, no matter which material you choose to build it with.

Deciding to build a wooden house can give a rustic feel to your home that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Before you undertake a wooden house project, there are a few things you need to know.

Here are some basic steps to building a wooden house, along with important points to consider.

Basic Wooden House Construction Steps

There are some basic steps involved when building a wooden house that may be different from building a different type of house.

1. Choose Your Wood

The first thing you need to do when you decide to build a wooden house is choosing the wood. Most wood looks pretty similar, but there are different grades of wood and some are a lot more durable than others.

Wood is categorized by numbers, with number 1 graded wood being the best you can buy. It is less susceptible to shrinking.

Always ask about the grade of lumber available. You will pay more for premium lumber, but it is worth the investment.

2. Build the Foundation

After you have chosen your wood, you can then construct your frame.

All frames need a base and this starts with solid foundations. Without a good foundation, your home is not going to be stable or safe.

3.Construct the Frame

Now that your foundation is in place and set, you can begin to erect the house frame on the site. The frame will start to resemble the house shape and layout.

4. Watertight

After your frame is up, it’s time to make your house watertight by constructing the walls, roof, and fitting windows. Don’t forget the external materials like external timber cladding.

Basic Wooden House Construction Steps

Points to Consider When Building a Wooden House

There are a few points to consider when deciding to build a wooden house, so check those out below to see if this is the right choice for you.

Advantages of Building a House from Wood

Wooden houses can be prefabricated. This means the frame, walls and everything else are pre-made in a factory and delivered in parts to your site.

The house fits together perfectly and can be erected in a matter of days.

Painting Your House

The great thing about wood is that you can paint it any color you like. You can opt for a natural stain to keep the brown, earthy wood color or opt for a bright solid color to bring fun to your neighborhoods.

Mixing with Other Materials

If you don’t want to commit to a house constructed of 100% wood, then you can mix other materials like natural stone. A stone feature wall is a great way to break up the wooden exterior.

Wooden House Maintenance

Every house requires maintenance to keep it in good condition, watertight and weatherproof. Wooden houses are no different.

There are a few extra maintenance tasks that need to be completed yearly if you decide to build a wooden house. If you keep the exterior wood a natural wood color, you will need to stain the wood annually.

This will help to maintain the wood and prevent rot, mold, and weathering.

If you build a painted wooden house, the paint will need topping up each year to keep the exterior in tip-top condition.

Start Building Your Dream Wooden House Today

Start Building Your Dream Wooden House Today

Now that you know a bit more about building a wooden house, start your designs today.

A wooden house is a great alternative to brick to give you an authentic rustic home.

For more design inspiration, check out the other articles on our blog.

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