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Rules and Regulations of Sober Living Houses & Recovery centers

Rules and Regulations of Sober Living Houses & Recovery centers

Addiction treatments vary with the condition of patients. They come in many shapes and sizes, addressing different dishes to ensure the most effective treatment to the drug abusers. Finding the best in patients’ treatments to address the issue is of supreme importance because it plays a vital role in the betterment of the patient.

But along with the treatment of a patient, it requires proper training to live a sober life once he is recovered. Houston recovery center offers this for you while detoxification, therapies, or learning the skills of sober life by providing you with the support to stay unbeaten in your sobriety.

Sober living homes help the patient in moving on by facilitating them through therapies, medication, consultation, musical therapies, and other activities. On average, a person lives for 6 to 12 months in sober living houses to develop the habits of a healthy lifestyle and make the chance of relapsing very unlikely.

According to research held by Psycentral, it takes one up to 66 days to develop new habits. Until all your drug habits are gone, and you are no more at risk of relapse into the addiction, you are forced to stay in rehab or sober housing. Here is a list of rules used at sober living houses to ensure the quick recovery of the drug abusers.

Rules & Regulations of a sober living House/Recovery centers

living HouseRecovery centers

Different sober living houses may have different rules, but some rules are common for most environments. All of the residents must agree to these rules when they move in, and the consequences they are supposed to face in case of violation. Depending upon the violation and the severity of the condition, the residence may have to pay fine, leave the house, write a sorry note, or apologize.

Here is a list of rules that sober houses and recovery centers share commonly.

Increased Freedom

While someone is under treatment in the rehabilitation centers, it is very likely for him to feel lonely, stressed, and distorted. Therefore the patients are provided with maximum freedom so that they can perform their daily activities and interact with different people within the rehab to minimize the negative thoughts.

For inpatient treatments, addicts are provided with a daily routine which they need to follow by staying at the center. Whereas, in the case of outpatient rehab, you are given a treatment schedule that you must follow. When it comes to sober living houses, patients are usually not provided with any hard and fast schedule; instead, they live in the house according to their well, but under a structured rehab program.

Some other common rules

Some other common rules

  • No prescribed or street drug and alcohol are allowed on any condition. Some prescribed drugs are permitted only under certain circumstances.
  • The residents have to bear their expenses.
  • Residents need to spend at least five days each week at the sober living houses.
  • Regular alcohol screenings and random drug tests are taken to ensure the safety and security of the patients.
  • Patients are accountable for their whereabouts and actions within the living house.
  • Some residents are not allowed to use certain mouthwashes or the cooking ingredients with specific ingredients that contain alcohol.
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