Residential Security Doors

Residential security doors and windows are your first line of defense. They will deter intruders from accessing your property. Intruders prefer a home that is easy to access hence make it difficult to them with security doors.
Some security doors will add to the beauty of your home. You can get beautifully designed doors that can complement décor of your home.

Security doors and windows are a wise investment. They will add value to your home. Every potential buyer want to own a home that is secure. Your home is high valued if it is secure.

Choosing the right security doors

Choosing the right security doors

Residential security doors come in different sizes and shapes. They are also made of different materials such as stainless steel, wood, vinyl and Aluminum. They can be stylish or feature a plain design.

Select the Proper Material

When buying a security door, do not lean on aesthetic alone. You need to put into consideration the material of the door. Residential custom security doors need to be constructed using durable material such as steel and Aluminum.
Wood can be used with either steel or Aluminum to give the aesthetic appeal. A steel door would give high security over a wooden door because it is hard to break. Galvanized steel would make excellent door because it is durable and rust free.
Aluminum is also sturdy and yet lightweight. It can make affordable security doors that are durable. Wood is a good looking material but not the best for a security door. If you choose a wooden door, make sure it is made hard wood and if possible, be reinforced with metal.


You need to hire a professional to install the residential security doors for you. They are experienced and skilled to handle such jobs.

Doors cannot provide the needed security if they are not installed properly. Make sure there is no gap left at the opening.


Consider your budget before buying security doors. They can be expensive depending on their features. Stainless steel doors are more expensive than wooden doors.

Buy what you can afford but with the right features.

The Locking System

Doors can be of no use if they have low-quality locks. You need to get a door with locks that are hard to break. They need to be strong locks with long pin that is hard to remove.

Some doors come with smart locks. These will give access to people with an electronic key. Some smart locks are designed with an alarm which can go off if smashed by intruders.
The Locking System

Additional Security Features

Residential security doors can be more secure if they have 1 or more of these security features.

Door Chains

A door chain allows the security door to be unlocked slightly while still closed. This will give you an opportunity to view the person outside before fully opening the door.

Door Viewers

This is a small eye lens fixed on a security door. It is a really important security feature that will allow you to view the person outside before opening the door.

Why do you need Residential Security Doors?

Why do you need Residential Security Doors
Protect your home against Intruders

Nobody want their home invaded. Robbery has a profound impact on victims. It causes loss of valuable items, fear, anger, regret, physical harm and even depression. Have your home secured with the best residential security doors and windows to prevent such losses and trauma.

Add value to Home

Secured homes have higher prices in the market compared to homes with no security. Good security is one of the factors that is considered when people are in the process of buying a house.

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