Removing Mold from Your Roof by a Roofing Contractor Dallas TX

Homeowners often overlook their roofing conditions! It is mostly because they think that an annual roof inspection is enough for roof maintenance. The truth is your roof can develop issues based on climatic and other environmental changes. One of the core roof issues is mold growth. If you stay in Fort Worth TX, chances are you have witnessed this issue as well.

Are you concerned about slime or mold which you detected on your house roof? If yes, then there’s nothing to fret. With intelligent roofing techniques, you can address this issue. Sometimes, homeowners notice moss and algae instead of mold. But it would be best if you treated it all so that you can maintain proper roof health. Before you correct the issue, it is essential to know what a roof with mold contains. Usually, it has two elements:

  • Moss, which is a bright green plant that grows on the rooftop
  • Algae that is visible in bluish-green, black or slimy green streaks on the rooftop

Of course, there’s mold which can appear in multiple colors and various places. It is also present in the attic. If you want to get the perfect remedy to clean mold, then join hands with an expert roofing contractor in Fort Worth, TX.

Ways to clean your roof from mold growth

Ways to clean your roof from mold growth

Did you notice mold growth beneath the shingles? If yes, chances are you will also come across stains on the surface. It is necessary to opt-in for a roof inspection. It will help you to know the extent of the mold growth and the damage as well. If you notice the mildew stains on the house, you need to get in touch with an expert roofing contractor.

To get the roof clean, you need to be on top of it with a harness! Homeowners can’t get this done by themselves. Hence, most people call the roof repair service provider. It ensures that the roof underlayment stays intact. Some of the other solutions that you can opt-in for are:

  • Use a hose with a wand/nozzle to clean the roof. There’s no need to choose a pressure washer, as it might damage the roof.
  • You can make use of trisodium phosphate with water, which can aid the cleaning process.
  • You can also use a concoction of water and bleach to rinse and clean the roof.
  • You can also opt-in for the oxygen bleach clears. It will prevent the running off from negatively affecting the garden.
  • You can opt-in for readymade cleaners of a reputed brand.

Prevent mold growth from your roof

Prevent mold growth from your roof
If you steer clear from moisture, then your house can stay free from mold growth! One of the ideal solutions for this is a roof waterproofing that helps to prevent mold growth. When it comes to moss and algae, the expert roofing contractors use the metal copper strips on the peak areas of the rood. If there is a downpour, the metal molecules diffuse across the roof for constant protection. Make sure to keep the home roof from any debris accumulation. Also, ensure that the gutters work effectively, allowing water to drain. An expert roofing contractor can let you know about other prevention tactics as well.

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