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Remodeling Your Beach House — Budget -Friendly Ideas to Follow

Remodeling Your Beach House — Budget -Friendly Ideas to Follow

Imagine having a beautiful beach house near the shores of the Bahamas, which has a dose of creamy white paint with on the exterior walls and huge, French windows on the sides which give you an aesthetic view of the ocean. On the inside, you have low hanging chandelier and two comfortable king size bedrooms and an open living area clad in beautiful top pine wood ceiling that is adjoined to the main house by an undercover walkway outside.

There are numerous sofas and armchairs around the house where you can sit and enjoy. Out in the front is a glass door balcony where you can relax, read a book and drink a glass of red wine, while being able to marvel at the serenity of this beautiful location — the cool summer breeze takes you out of the worries of this world. Who wouldn’t give the worlds to have all just that?

Renovate Your Ideal Beach House

Getting the chance to make your beach house like the one in your dream doesn’t always have to be expensive and out of your range. We will bring you some budget-friendly ideas which will transform your dream beach house into reality.

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When people hear the word “remodeling”, they come up with a series of questions like how can we make our beach house more spacious or how can we make sure that the new design highlights its inherent strength. The answer to these questions lie in the tried and tested lessons that each beach house owner should keep in mind when they try to renovate their private space.

Guide to Remodeling Your Beach House

Getting an Architect

Hiring an architect who has a good understanding of the surrounding coastal area is of utmost importance since each beach has its own seasonal pattern of rain with different levels of fog, humidity, etc.

It is important that each of the variables should be well accounted for, before any major construction takes place. So having an expert opinion is crucial because the beach house needs to be adaptable and resilient to extreme unflinching weather that it would have to face

Using Quality Material

No matter where your beach house is located, whether it’s on the coast of Bahamas or on the shores of South Carolina, one thing that is of concern is the quality of the material that is being used for construction.

While remodeling your beach house, it is important to know that the material that is being used since it would have to withstand direct wear and tear from the impact of Sun, sand, salt, and wind. It is recommended to use materials like cedar or stuccoed masonry with a natural lime wash finish for a long-lasting choice.

Having a Good Ventilation System

Having a good ventilation system is essential for a beach house as cool sea breeze that ushers from the back of the house and goes all the way to the front can go have a major role in keeping the beach house cool.

Having a Good Ventilation System

Not only would it help reduce the load of your utility bills, but at the same time, there will be fresh air ventilating throughout your home

Choosing the Ideal Railings

Having to choose the right balcony railing that preserves your line of sight in not less than an achievement itself. Not only you would have to consider the weight, type of material whether its glass, stainless steel or wood, but you also need to consider safety. Whether the railing ensures safety is a matter of concern.

Considering all these factors and choosing the ideal option is quite tough since you need something reliable which doesn’t compromise on the safety and has aesthetic look about it.

Upgrading Kitchen Countertop

Upgrading your beach house kitchen countertop from an old one to a new stylish one features as high-impact top notch upgrade. There are lots of choices to go for but keeping in mind durability purposes, black granite or soapstone kitchen countertop is recommended.

Not only do these countertops hold up well, but their classic look also complements the light cabinetry of a beach house interior. If your budget permits it, then you can also go for a slightly expensive option of white Carrara marble or mahogany-stained teak tops.


Flooring is a low-cost expense which intrinsically exponentially increases the value of your house. Home flooring sets the design tone of your entire beach house and hardwood flooring has been the ideal choice of many beach house owners. Some types of flooring which are beach-friendly includes:

  • Painted wood: Not only does it bodes well to the humid environment of the beach but it is also great in hiding sand particles. This can be used with epoxy or marine-grade deck paints
  • Limed Oak Flooring: It is filled with grain lines to withstand dampness and moisture. These kinds of flooring are most commonly used in beach houses
  • Stained Cement: They are very durable and last a very long time. Their installation can be expensive and they are great for indoor/outdoor rooms
Outdoor Showers

A beach house is essentially incomplete without an outdoor shower. It is essentially hands-down the best way to keep sand and salt outdoors where it belongs. Installing a foot shower is a worthy edition, so for folks who don’t want to bother with shower can at least rinse off sand from their shoes before they step inside the house.

Outdoor Showers

So, this begs the question, what would be your first decision? Whether to soak in the sun or in the shades?

The Wrap Up

Renovation and remodeling of a house is a tricky business and it can easily go sideways — turning out to be very costly if it is not properly planned and handled. Before getting into any commitment of such sort, it is always a good idea to keep a check of the costs involved, the time duration and the value added to the house after the renovations are completed.
It is advisable not to rush into things and have a budget prepared; plan everything before hand and consult a contractor before you start your renovations.

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