Remodel with White Oak Flooring

Remodeling a house from time to time is great. It works wonders for your sensory and visual satisfaction. Moreover, it reflects your taste and makes everything look fresh and lively. 

The most important thing you need to consider is the floor. After all, that’s where you stand, dance, play, and spend most of the day. 

If you are considering a house remodel, choose White Oak Flooring to stand out. It elevates its surroundings and compliments everything, including the wall paint, room furnishings, and furniture.

What is White Oak?

White oak is a tree native to North America. It is a very tall and noble tree of hardwood. Besides some great quality wood, it also produces sweet and edible acorns. This White Oak species is rare in Canada and endangered.

In the USA, it is commonly found in Minnesota, Ontario, Quebec, and southern Maine. It spreads south towards northern Florida and the eastern Texas states.

Did you know there are two types of oak floors? They are red oak and white oak. Both of them are different. If we had to go for one, white oak would be preferred. 

In case you are looking for a sturdy option, white oak is better as compared to red oak. This article will give you a clear sneak peek of why you should opt for white oak flooring. 

Classy White Oak Flooring For Your Home

Classy White Oak Flooring For Your Home

White oak flooring is widely used in domestic flooring. It is currently a popular choice in Europe and America. White oak comes in somewhat browner, a bit darker, and more yellow color tones. You can choose the shades as per your taste or preferences. It is easily available in the mix of browns and tans, which is a bit darker than its alternate Red Oak. Using White Oak for flooring your house offers many benefits that support your choice.

Benefits of Remodeling with White Oak Flooring

1. Modern contemporary look

It gives your house a modern and trendy look. It is a non-traditional choice for flooring, which makes it quite unique. Its rings grow closer, allowing a smooth and very uniform pattern. It can also adapt to a vintage look with the addition of a linear mineral streak.

2. Resilience

White Oak is a hardwood which means it is quite durable and very resilient to dents and gouges, which are inevitable. If there are any dents of drag marks made by furniture, the wood pattern can hide them very well.

3. Waterproof

White Oak flooring is impervious to water damage. Its resilience against water makes it a perfect choice for the kitchen. It is a closed-grain wood that does not allow liquids to penetrate. This is why it is also used in building boats. But still, you should wipe away any spills as fast as you can.

Accidental spills happen time and again. Moreover, your dog might spill some water from his/her bowl or pee on the floor. Whenever you plan to change the flooring, consider going for white oak. It’s super-resistant to water and accidental spills. 

4. Affordable

White Oak flooring is a highly cost-effective choice. Since remodeling can be expensive, using this stylish flooring option can help keep you above budget.

5. Soothing Texture

Soothing Texture

The texture of this wood is soothing and very de-stressing. White Oak brings character to your home and is a natural and comfortable material to work with. It gives your other furnishing a great finish with its blander palette.

Concluding Thoughts

White oak is simply ideal for wood flooring. The look and feel of your house will stand out, and it is quite affordable. Choosing White Oak never goes wrong, and you will be immensely satisfied by its durability. All in all, White oak flooring is worth every penny you are going to spend on your next remodel.

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