Reliable Ways to Make Your Bedroom Look Healthier

Do you know that the bedroom is one of the most important places in the house? It is a place to recharge and reset after long day activities. So, it is important to make your bedroom a welcoming sanctuary and a haven of solace and intimacy where you will be healthy and happier. To help you make your bedroom look healthier and make you happy, we have uncovered some reliable ways to do that. Read on!

1. Improve Your Bedroom Air Quality

Quality air is very important to good health. So, if you don’t allow quality air in your bedroom, you might not be doing yourself good. One of the ways you can improve the quality air in your bedroom to make it healthier is by opening the windows.

This will not only refresh your bathroom, but it will also get rid of noxious gasses that can cause health issues such as eye irritation, headache, allergy and more. House plants can also help to eliminate harmful chemicals in your bedroom through the oxygen they release. Besides that, air purifiers can also help.

2. Spin your Mattress And Clean The Bedroom Often

If I tell you “spin your mattress, it will make you stay healthy,” won’t you be skeptical just as you are now? But it works! Giving your mattress 180-degrees rotation after two to three months will not only reduce wears but also make your back thank you.

Also, cleaning your beddings such as pillowcases, duvet, and sheets every one to two weeks can help you get rid of dust mites, grime, and dead skin that can result in acne, asthma, and other health issues.

Additionally, you can also give your mattress a good cleaning by sprinkling baking soda on it, leave for 15-minutes, and then use a powerful vacuum to suck it up. Also, when your mattress is wet, dry it out. These will get rid of bacteria, allergens, dead skin cells, and dust mites. Also, regular cleaning of your bedroom will help get rid of dust and dirt from hidden and obvious areas of the room.

3. Go For The Right Mattress

There are different mattresses from different manufacturers, and this can make choosing the right one for you daunting. But there is a trick! Go for a mattress that will encourage a natural sleep, allow you sink into a deep, and then wake up in the morning without pains or ache. There are good mattresses that can help hip pain, back pain, and also make you feel better the next morning.


Also, ensure you go for beddings that can make you feel comfortable without affecting your health. You can go for natural free-fiber, silky sheets, a down comforter that is hypoallergenic, and a pillow that fits your sleeping posture. Side sleepers can go for firm pillows, stomach sleepers can go for softer pillows, and medium-firm pillows will be ideal for back sleepers.

4. Swap Bright Bulbs For Warm Ones

Your sleep patterns and quality can be affected negatively by artificial lighting. Bright, white light is a culprit of melatonin suppression which can disrupt your sleep cycle and make it difficult for you to fall asleep.


With much research showing the negative impact of bright light on your rest quality, it is the best you don’t use them in your bedroom. Dimming lights have been found to help you feel sleepier, so they are worth swapping to if you want a healthier bedroom.

5. Keep The Room Cool

Do you know that elevated body temperatures can result in insomnia? Do you know that restless nights often occur during the summer? This is to tell you that you need to cool things down in your bedroom. According to research, you can get quality sleep at night when the temperature is around 65 °F.

Another research reveals that a colder room can help you burn some calories. So, install a fan in your room or turn your thermostat down to get healthy sleep and a healthier bedroom.

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