4 Fabulous Functions for Your Spare Room

If you’re using your spare room as a dumping ground for household clutter, you’re missing a major opportunity.

There are so many fun and creative uses for a spare room that will benefit you, your family and your household.

With that in mind, here are four fabulous functions for your spare room.

1. Guest bedroom

Guest bedroom

Using your spare room as a guest bedroom ensures that you have a dedicated space for people to sleep when they visit you. Plus, it saves you having to give up your bed or blow up the air mattress.

If your spare room is on the smaller side, you should opt for a single bed to maximise space andyou’ll also need some storage furniture (such as a chest of drawers) where your guests can put their clothes.

A guest bedroom is also the ideal space for choosing a more daring colour scheme than you would for other areas of your home. Get inspired with these bedroom colour scheme ideas from interior design site House Beautiful.

2. Dressing room

Dressing room

By turning your spare room into a dressing room, you’ll have a dedicated areafor your clothes, accessories and beauty products, thus leaving you with a lot more space in your bedroom.

Creating a dressing room is easy.You’ll need some storage furniture though, anda sliding door wardrobe is a stylish choice for clothes storage – choose one with mirror doors forfabulous full length views.

The exact furniture you’ll need will depend on your specific clothing collection, but for inspiration, you can head to picture site such as Pinterest.

3. Playroom


If you’ve got young children, you should definitely consider using your spare room as a playroom where you kids can store their endless collection of toys and games.

They’ll love having a special place to play that’s just for them and, best of all, they’ll be less likely to litter other areas of your home with toys.

However, if you’re worried about your spare room looking like a bombsite after playtime, you can invest in some fun children’s storage furniture – a great place to look for this is Ikea.

4. Study


Whether you’re a home worker, a student at an institution like Anglia Ruskin Distance Learningor do most of your work at the office, turning your spare room into a study is a super idea.

It’s the perfect place store items like your computer, printer and those endless piles of paperwork, and to enjoy some peace and space asyou completework or browse the web.

All you need is a desk with storage (corner desks are a practical, space-saving choice), a comfy chair and a stylish desk lamp – then you’re good to go.

It’s evident that there are several sublime options when it comes to putting your spare room to use – which one will you choose?

What other ways can you use your spare room? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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