Rekey or Replace Home Door Locks – What is the Best Choice

There comes a point when every homeowner or renter in Gardendale or surrounding areas needs to either rekey or replace door locks. The situation can arise when you move to a new home and are unsure who else have the keys. Maybe the lock is extremely old, and the key is sticking making it difficult to lock and unlock, or you have lost the keys. Whatever the reason, you have two options, rekey or replace door locks. Which option is best? Here in this blog post, we will discuss both so you can make an informed decision. However, whenever any problem arises with your door locks or other locks around your home, you should consider working with a local pro locksmith in Gardendale. The professional will be able to guide you better. 

Rekey Door Locks

Rekey Door Locks

Rekeying a door lock does not mean making a new key or duplicating the existing one to get an extra copy. This means, the locksmith removes the lock and disassemble the entire unit, removing all the pin of wafer tumblers and switching them with new ones. You now have a lock that works with a new key. It is the same locking mechanism but reprogrammed to work with a new key.

When to Rekey Door Locks

There are many situations when you need to rekey door locks. The best one among all is, right after you move into your new home. This crucial step prevents anyone with an old key to have access to your home. Many realtors suggest that not to overlook this important task. Additionally, many locksmiths partner with realtors offering this crucial service at discounted rates. 

Another situation when you need to rekey door locks is when an individual move out. The situation may be mutual or friendly, but for your safety, rekeying the locks prevents unwelcome guests from barring in. 

The third option to rekey door locks is restricting access to rooms. For instance, you have a home office or a closet with important documents that are off-limits to visitors, residents or kids in your home. Having the home office door lock rekeyed gives you sole control and protects your files and important documents. 

Replace Door Locks

Replacing the door lock means removing the existing one and replacing it with the new lock. Traditionally the new replacement look is from the same brand and matches the colours as the other locks in your home to ensure they are aesthetically pleasing. If you replace the lock with another brand or colour, it will not look nice. To replace the lock, the locksmith will remove the mechanism and replace it with a new one. However, at this time you can even upgrade your security using smart locks. While it will cost more, but you will get peace of mind. 

When to Replace Door Locks

Replace Door Locks

Replacing door locks can be a bit expensive but is necessary in case your door lock is old or broken. For instance, lock keeps sticking, excess lock plug wear, the keyhole has widened, decay and corrosion from rust build-up. The locksmith will inspect the lock and determine the symptoms. If any of the internal indicators is the cause of your locks malfunctioning or failing, replacement is the only option. 

Another reason to replace a door lock is when you have had a robbery, want to upgrade your security for better quality locks, want to incorporate new technology or like to have the same key for multiple locks in your home. 


So, now that you know when to rekey or replace your door locks you can make a well-informed decision. However, if you still are not sure, ask for advice from Birmingham Locksmith Pro today. They have a certified team of locksmith Gardendale offering both residential and commercial locksmith services at an affordable price. 

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