Rediscover the textural brilliance of wood and stone walls along with catchy window stickers

Rediscover the textural brilliance of wood and stone walls along with catchy window stickers

Stone is undeniably one of the most common and popular construction materials. However, since you generally use them on the buildings’ exterior, you don’t really use interior stone walls. 

They give an aura of coziness and rustic charm and you can associate them with mountain lodges, castles, and wine cellars at times. However, you can enhance stone walls with proper interior design.

  • Wood and stone are two prominent materials you can use on your wall. An interior stone wall can complement the ceiling and wooden floor of your bedroom. 
  • It adds texture and tonality to the room by serving as a cynosure.
  • If you’ve a European style house, the interior stone walls can bolster your exterior architecture and exterior design. 
  • Interestingly, the interior is cozier and warmer than most white exterior surfaces and walls. There are crisp and clean minimalist lines and forms. 
  • You can balance out the entire décor by stone and wood portions. It includes covering entire walls in stone. 
  • Take the example of a fireplace. It can be a big wall section that reaches to the ceiling or covers an entire wall. It depends on where you position your fireplace. 

Capturing the timelessness

Stone walls have an exotic characteristic. The exciting designs create a lot of drama and timeless appeal in your wall décor. If you add the right window stickers, you can bolster the space. 

  • Stone walls with complementary stickers can create a time-travel. Its charm is organic and long-lasting. 
  • These walls bring austerity to complicated spaces and render positive vibes to contemporary interiors, allowing you to add uniqueness and texture to homes that showcase modern repetition and monotony. 
  • Your bedroom is the best place to adorn a natural stone in some architectural feature or wall.
  • Rusticity can be heavenly if you can do it in style. While augmenting your bathroom with stone, you need to do proper research pertaining to the walls’ exposure to fatigue and moisture.
  • In that case, bedroom stone walls are more viable and safer option. Maintenance is easy and they also provide a romantic aura and enticing panache. 
  • If you couple it with wooden ceiling beams, cozy bedding, plush rug and carpets, and reclaimed/reused timber walls, your rustic bedroom can look inviting and magical.

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Charm and elegance

Stone is apparently a natural choice for residential applications of a particular style and size. Surprisingly, its integration into a more contemporary décor is quite effortless. If you want your property to be a showstopper, you can install stone wall that starts from the floor and touches the ceiling. A modernist hallway or staircase could the perfect area in this regard.

For those who want a more minimalist or subtle way to use stone, a classic approach is the kitchen with stone backsplash. If your accent wall has old paint or is outdated, you can replace it with stone. 

Installing a stone wall in your bathroom can make it feel and look like an underground spring. Just put some window stickers that depict scenery, birds, or environment to enhance the overall feel and tonality. 

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