Reclaimed Wood Paneling Style Tips for a Sustainable Home

There are many ways to make your home look more attractive and inviting. Most houses look plain and simple with their white walls and brown or black flooring. Your home is the place where you and your family can rest and spend time together. It should only be fitting that your home gives the feeling of coziness and warmth.

Douglas Fir Paneling

There are several ways to make your home more stylish and cozy. One of the things you could do is to use douglas fir paneling. This type of paneling is provided by several companies, such as Manomin Resawn Timbers.
Douglas Fir Paneling

Douglas fir paneling enhances the design style of your home. The wood used is versatile, and it’s available in two different types. It can be a plane smooth or rough sawn.

If you’re considering this type of paneling, here are some stylish tips to give you more reasons why you should go ahead and use it:

  1. Create sleek lines on your walls. You can achieve a sleek geometrical look by cutting the panels into narrow strips. This gives your house a more modern look. The walls can have a direction than the ceiling if you want to put reclaimed wood on the ceiling. It can be visually appealing and creates a bolder look.
  2. Segment spaces in different rooms. When you incorporate douglas fir paneling in one area of the room, it’ll make the room much more interesting. Imagine having wood paneling in an area of a room, such as the sitting area, and then it’s surrounded by white walls. You’ll no longer need to put a lot of decoration since the paneling already suffices.
  3. Opt for a rustic look. Rustic look has become popular in modern homes. You can combine old rustic wood with modern walls. The rustic wood can serve as an accent on one wall and let the other walls be plain with some decor. Rustic wood could also be cut into narrow strips so the wall can, again, have a geometrical look. Since you’re going to do one whole wall, you can make the wood face different directions to make it more interesting.
  4. Light colored wood paneling for a modern look. If you’re keen on making your home to look modern, you can use reclaimed wood paneling. There are woods that have lighter colors and this will go well with a modern look. Place the wood paneling in a room with lots of windows. This will seem to create more space and will make the room cozier.

Wood Paneling

There are different types of wood paneling for your walls or ceiling. Depending on what kind of look you want to achieve, there’s certainly a type that will fit your needs.
Wood Panelin
Here are some types of reclaimed wood paneling that may interest you:

  1. Antique oak. This is a mix of red and white oak. The red part of the wood gives a warm color to the paneling and the white part gives a golden tone.
  2. Weathered antique. As the name suggests, the wood used for the paneling is quite old. However, that’s what makes it interesting and beautiful. The wood was created from different types of softwoods from roof boards and joists. It can also give a rustic look to a room and will look great when paired with white walls.
  3. Douglas fir. These are the types of wood that were rescued from timbers of warehouses and factories in the industrial revolution. It can be made into many different designs and has become very popular to homeowners.
  4. Heart pine. These are boards made from the Southern Yellow Pine that were previously used in the southern parts of the country to create mills. If you want an aged look for your home, this is a perfect choice.


Designing your home is not an easy task. It can truly be overwhelming at times. When you start looking on the internet for stylish home designs, there are many options to choose from. This list of ideas could narrow down your choices.

Wood paneling is simply beautiful. Having plain white walls all over your house does not make it look interesting. It’ll look more like a commercial building, which is cold and uninviting.

Reclaimed wood paneling has character. It can give your home an antique look or it can also be a modern look. That’ll depend on how you set up your furniture and other home decors. If you’re interested, you could speak to several providers and ask them to show you their projects.

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