Reasons to Add an Outdoor Garden to Your Home

Homeowners have discovered the advantages of relaxing in the backyard of their home during the summer months. One can improve their outdoor living space by adding a deck or a pergola. Making some improvements not only improves the visual appeal of the backyard but even adds some beauty to the home. It also enhances the quality of outdoor living. Wondering how to improve the look of your home? It’s best to talk to the best deck builder in Torontoand they will give an easy solution to achieve your goals.

There is no denying that landscape improvements help to add a touch of personality to your home. In case, you are considering the improvement options for your backyard, consider adding a pergola. Why?

To know why you should install a pergola to your backyard, you will need to go through the rest of the article.

A Pergola

A pergola is a simple and beautiful structure that helps to remodel the backyard of your home into an outdoor living space. Well, some people consider a pergola as an uncompleted structure as it comes with vertical beams and roof beams.


In case, you are considering adding some style and structure to your home, a pergola is a cost-effective option. It not only upgrades the essence of one’s home but its freestanding beautiful element of a home. To get a beautiful pergola, homeowners should talk to the best deck builder in Toronto. They would guide homeowners if adding a pergola would be right for their home or not.

Difference between A Pergola and An Arbor

However, one should keep in mind that a pergola differs greatly from an arbor. One should know the basic difference between the two before going ahead with a pergola installation.

An arbor and a pergola is a great addition to the outdoor space or backyard; however, they vary greatly.


An arbor is a landscape structure that comes with support on the sides, as well as, on the top. The side support is in the form of a grid and homeowners can grow berries or flowers around the grid. Arbors are used mainly to decorate the walkways; however, it can be used also along the sitting area.



As you know, a pergola is a standalone structure with a slanted roof and beams. Before installing a pergola, you can check out the designs available with the deck builders.

Now, you know that both arbors and pergola can be a great addition to the backyard. However, homeowners prefer a pergola over an arbor. Let’s see why one should take the help of the best deck builder in Toronto to add a pergola to their home.

Gives Character to Your Backyard

A pergola can showcase your artistic side and also add some personal character to your home. In case, you don’t have a deck, a pergola helps to create a beautiful al fresco dining area in the backyard. In short, a pergola creates a definite space in the backyard. Well, one can use it as a lounge area for chilling out with friends or as a dining space during the summer months.

Combine with Other Structures

Pergolas serve as a lead-in for many other structures, like gazebos. It helps to make an outdoor space look very versatile. You can get that from large gazebos for sale available online.

Extends the Living Space 

You might have installed a deck or a patio. Now, if you are looking forward to extending the living space past the walls of your home, a pergola can do the job. The pergola serves the perfect spot for all kinds of entertainment. As it extends the living space, people can spend a huge amount of time outside in the garden easily.

To Get Protection

A pergola with lattice on the roof can serve as an outdoor lounge during summers. Hence, it protects from the scorching heat. However, some pergola comes with canopies on the roof that can be opened or closed as per one’s convenience. Well, one can consider adding a pergola to the backyard to enjoy a tropical summer. Check out the best deck builders in Toronto that can provide you with shade covers for protection from rain and storm.

Gives a Private Space 

Some people prefer a little bit of privacy while enjoying Nature in their respective backyard. For those people, a pergola could be a perfect solution. Homeowners can choose from various designs that may come with an opening or with slots for adding some fretwork or drapes.

Installation Isn’t Very Hard

Installing Pergolas isn’t that hard as one thinks it to be. Customized Pergola designs are easy to install for any deck building company in Toronto.

Increases the Value of a Home 

Well, attractive landscaping like pergola increases the value of your home. It adds a character to the outdoor area and makes it an important asset when you plan to sell your home. One can go for pergola designs that match the style of their home.

Combined with Different Materials

In comparison to other landscape installations, Pergolas are extremely cost-effective. Depending on one’s budget, homeowners could choose from vinyl, cedar, and metal.

Now that you know the reasons for installing a pergola to your home, you can easily go for one. Talk to a professional before installing the same.

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